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Instagram Contests Can Grow the Audience

2021-01-31 by EPR Staff
3 Fantastic Examples of Instagram Contests That Fuel Marketing Goals

Looking for a quick way to gain more followers? According to the social media scheduling tool, Tailwind, running a contest on Instagram can gain a brand 70% more followers in just one quarter than not hosting one. The statistic was the result of analyzing more than 60,000 Instagram posts. Another discovery was that contests on Instagram receive 64 times more comments and 3 ½ times more likes than regular posts. Tailwind found that after spending an average of 2 ½ minutes on a contest app, 94.46% of users share the promotion. 62.13% tell friends and encourage them to enter as... Read More >

The Basics of Programmatic Advertising

2020-10-05 by Ronn Torossian

Being able to buy and sell digital ad space in real-time by using automated bidding and placement platforms is called programmatic advertising. Most digital marketers already understand how important programmatic advertising is for a business. Not all understand how to use it correctly. This type of advertising allows businesses to create very targeted ad campaigns and make great use of their marketing budgets to reach as many people as possible that are going to be interested in that product or service. While the specifics of the platforms can vary, the fundamentals of programmatic advertising are always the same. First, the... Read More >

Understanding Fake Accounts on Social Media

2020-09-25 by EPR Staff

Internet use has become almost synonymous with the use of social media platforms, with many users relying on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as their main channels to catch up on current affairs, make purchasing decisions, and find entertainment. Even so, the social media landscape has increasingly become a divisive one, and one where threats abound.  Despite what users may think, social media platforms do more than just collate and deliver content from users to their followers. Every platform has its own specific “algorithm” that curates what users see on their feed based on “likes,” which effectively operate as votes. The... Read More >

Big Brands Announce Facebook Boycott

2020-07-01 by EPR Staff

Big Brands Announce Facebook Boycott Social media giant Facebook has been getting bad news ever since some of the company’s key employees went public with their frustration over the company’s policy against censoring comments on the platform. At the time, Facebook publicly acknowledged and even welcomed the employee’s criticisms, but now that criticism has spilled out, coalescing into a movement called #StopHateforProfit, led by a coalition of civil rights groups. One of the chief early aims of this movement is to put pressure on advertisers to get them to stop supporting platforms that the coalition feels are supporting hate. The... Read More >

How Much Do YouTubers Make

2020-05-01 by EPR Staff

How Much Do YouTubers Make Among all the different ways in which a person is able to become financially independent through working online, one of the most popular right now is being a YouTuber. Ask anyone under the age of 20 about what they want to be in the future, and the most likely answer to that question is going to be ‘YouTuber.’ Unlike other professions, becoming a YouTuber isn’t as difficult as many believe it to be, as long as whoever is uploading the videos also has an understanding of the YouTube algorithm and the rules about posting. Additionally,... Read More >

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

2020-04-24 by EPR Staff

Should You Buy Instagram Followers? These days, it seems like everyone has bought some Instagram followers, to the point where researchers have looked into the numbers of big stars and realized that they too, have fake followers. The logic behind buying Instagram followers is simple - the more people follow an account, the more that account is going to be popular, not just with people, but with the Instagram algorithm. This, in turn, will recommend that original account to even more people, thus gaining even more followers on the platform. The websites that offer this type of services are practically... Read More >

Spotting Fake Social Media Influencers

2020-03-02 by Ronn Torossian

Spotting Fake Social Media InfluencersPhoto from The growth of the influencer marketing industry is no accident: the power of word-of-mouth recommendations is a timeless tool and, when used well, influencer marketing can return excellent results for brands. At the same time, however, the success of online marketing has given rise to the dark underbelly of the influencer industry. These days, it is all too easy to buy followers, likes and comments, and the number of “fake influencers” looking to get a piece of the influencer marketing pie is on the rise. While the influencer marketing industry has been valued... Read More >

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

2020-01-07 by EPR Staff

As of 2018, there was a whopping 23 million YouTube channels on the popular video platform, and that number is sure to have jumped even higher since. In such a densely packed marketplace, however, it can be easy for brands to give up on their YouTube growth strategy before they even begin. This means that countless brands are missing crucial opportunities to reach new and engaged audiences outside of their target marketplace. As the second most-visited site online, YouTube is a digital marketing must for brands looking to maximise their growth. For companies unsure of where to start, here are... Read More >

Stop! Thief!

2019-10-18 by EPR Staff

Stop! Thief! That may have been the cry until earlier this month when the latest appeals court decision that web scraping doesn’t break anti-trust laws. LinkedIn lost its two-year legal battle with a private company that it had blocked from its site for allegedly stealing publicly available data from its website. How Does It Affect My Organization? The most susceptible organizations appear to be those with memberships and sites that allow access to proprietary information. Web scrapers can sign up, pay a fee, if necessary, and harvest any information available. In addition, any sites that request personal information, from Facebook... Read More >

Share Baby Hashtag Calls for the Promotion of Paternity Leave

2019-08-26 by Ronn Torossian

A global network focused on women in the creative industries, SheSays, has now launched a campaign calling on firms to shift their parental leave and pay benefits for working dads. While the British government introduced a shared parental leave and pay policy in 2015, SheSays says most businesses are focusing on advocating the benefits of parental leave only to mothers, meaning that uptake by fathers has been minimal. This is remarkably out of step with the policy itself: the changes mean both parents are able to share up to 50 weeks leave and 37 weeks of pay between them. Running... Read More >

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