SocialWhirled Exits Stealth Mode with Next Generation Publishing Platform

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SocialWhirled has been working in stealth-mode with household brands since 2011, offering them state-of-the-art social business tools that enabled them to bring their brands closer to their fans. Today, these tools are available as SaaS, for both brands and agencies.


SocialWhirled allows a Brand to simultaneously launch an integrated campaign on Mobile, social networks and the Web. (Illustration, SocialWhirled on Facebook)

SocialWhirled tools are now available as a social, mobile and digital campaign publishing platform, complete with an intuitive campaign management system and in-depth, real-time analytics. The platform enables enterprise brands, and their agency partners, to connect in meaningful ways with their customers and prospects. The main advantages for using SocialWhirled are described by Andrew Lombard, the company’s CEO.

“Separately, social, mobile and digital campaigns work, but, until now, these programs haven’t been synced together in a way that is truly impactful. SocialWhirled helps brands and agencies publish campaigns across all major platforms at the exact same time, taking them from powerful to unstoppable. Pairing this simultaneous synchronization with rich mobile integration and deep interest and attribute data about what’s important to your customers and prospects equates to more intelligent marketing, stronger sales, and more satisfied, loyal buyers.”

Features include:

  • Mobile integration — campaigns connect brands to their customers and prospects on the devices they use most. They can like, share and comment on a mobile-initiated campaign, just as if it was a full Web asset
  • Simultaneous and full synchronization — programs can be launched at the same time across mobile, social and Web platforms, and are fully synchronized so changes to one platform are reflected across the others immediately
  • Lead interest and attribute data — SocialWhirled captures and provides interest and attribute data about what matters most to customers and prospects.

SocialWhirled applications (Mobile, Facebook and Web) are available for both companies and PR agencies. Agencies can, naturally, opt for a white-label solution, allowing them to fully control each campaign plus creative customization as needed.

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