SOREL Invites You to “Get Your Boots Dirty” in Complex Media Campaign

The premium boot brand founded in 1962, SOREL, launched a very interesting campaign centered on an invitation extended to everyone to get their boots dirty. This fall/winter brand campaign includes web-based video, print and social media.

“Get Your Boots Dirty” remains true to the spirit of the brand and shows how fashion and function can co-exist. This campaign presents independent, creative and inspiring women from diverse disciplines who are living out their passions. The launch features Leila Janah, founder and CEO of Samasource.

“Get Your Boots Dirty celebrates women who make the world a more interesting place,” said Kimberly Barta, SOREL’s senior global brand director. “Women tell us they feel a sense of fearlessness and strength when they put on boots. We want to tell the stories of inspirational women, like Leila and Kemal, who are getting their boots dirty by putting their passions to work.”

The campaign employs every tool available. Apart from the video series that will be available on YouTube, the campaign uses several social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Polyvore, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. They even have a dedicated hashtag – #SORELstyle.

SORELstyle features stylists curating inspired looks with SOREL boots, and will launch with Kemal Harris, from the celebrity styling duo Kemal & Karla. The campaign will launch in September 2012 and continue throughout the year.

The concept was created by Sausalito, a California-based advertising agency, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP) in collaboration with photographer Tim Barber and videographer/editor, Caleb Seppala.

“SORELs don’t just look great, they work,” said Gabrielle Tigan, art director from BSSP. “So we didn’t want to use models, instead we selected real women who embody the spirit of the brand. Women of character who have substance and style. By sharing their stories in SORELs, we hope to celebrate and inspire the same sort of passion in women everywhere.”

“It sounds like an interesting campaign and we would love to see CEO’s get their shoes dirty. How about it Liz Kaplow of Kaplow PR? “

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