Spero Academy Marketing Campaign

Spero Academy Marketing Campaign
Spero Academy Marketing Campaign

Marketing Needs

Overview Spero Academy has launched a successful marketing campaign utilizing an outside marketing firm that created content for us. This marketing campaign increased our enrollment to meet targets set by the Spero Academy Board of Directors. Currently the Board of Directors and the marketing committee have identified a need in the areas of staff retention and recruitment as well as some evergreen marketing videos.

Spero Academy is seeking assistance with its marketing efforts with the goal of achieving the following outcomes:

1. Increase staff recruitment in the area of qualified paraprofessionals and qualified teachers as needed through a recruitment video.

2. Evergreen marketing materials to include updated photos of students, staff and building to be used in social media posts.

3. Evergreen video that engages Spero families to tell their stories about their Spero experience.

Current Marketing Efforts

Currently marketing at Spero Academy includes engaging social media posts from an internal social media content creator. We also post a monthly blog from our social media content creator. Administrative staff send out a monthly newsletter to stakeholders. Recently Spero has updated some website features ensuring it is responsive.

Request for Proposals

Spero Academy is requesting proposals from interested parties to accomplish the following goals.

1) Staff recruitment video from start to finish.

2) Parents’ Spero story marketing video from start to finish.

3) Evergreen photos of students, staff the building. Photo shoots 2 times annually and special events as needed.

4) Work closely with the Marketing Committee and Spero Academy Administration to ensure that Spero’s message is clear in the media created and ensure language is appropriate, specific and sensitive to the statutes applicable to Spero Academy (charter school, non-profit, education, special education, etc.)


Spero Academy is a kindergarten through sixth grade charter school. We serve and support children with special needs through innovative programming based on individualized education plans. We challenge our students to understand that they may be different from one another but all fit in and learn together. Our goal is to move our students toward their future feeling more secure about themselves in their social environments and in their academic abilities. We say become the best of you!

Spero Academy provides many services using a push-in model throughout the school day to ensure that students can spend as much time in the classroom as possible. These services include occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, physical therapy, and social work. Spero Academy also offer music therapy, daily physical education with teachers licensed in developmentally adaptive physical education (DAPE), social skills and emotional regulation curriculum for all students, S.M.A.R.T. curriculum, and the ACHIEVE program. All of these services combine to create a unique learning environment that provides a successful experience for students who often struggle in more traditional educational environments.

Scope of Work:

Marketing campaign that will include updated website images, a photo library, and informational videos

Spero Academy has dedicated funds available for marketing materials for the 19-20 school year. The Spero Academy Marketing committee will provide support, guidance and oversee the materials and their distribution. The intent is to have a plethora of pictures and at least two videos that can be used in marketing for Spero Academy

Important Dates

1/10/2020 RFP Sent out

2/14/2020 Marketing Meeting and interested party interviews

2/19/2020 Selection of photographer and videographer

2/25/2020 Board Meeting

Please submit the following as part of your response: 1. Firm information and experience, especially with any schools or nonprofit campaigns. Please include examples of videos and photographs. 2. Proposed staff for the project. Please identify the project manager and include a brief bio. Please include all major partners or sub-contractors. 3. Narrative: Describe your approach to photography content and video content with projected timeline for completion of videos. 4. Deliverables: Please include a list of deliverables you will provide during the project. 5. Please provide a detailed breakdown of expenses for program development and implementation, including your agency costs, all 3rd party costs, event costs, etc.

Proposal Timeline

1/24/2020 – Proposal submissions due by 3:00pm. Please send via email to marketing@spero.academy

1/31/2020 – All proposals reviewed by Spero Academy Marketing Committee

2/14/2020 – Top 2 or 3 contenders invited for in-person meeting and proposal review

February 2020 – Company of selected proposal notified

Spero Academy Charter District and School 4113-07 is using the written quotation and direct negotiation process established by MN Statute § 123B.52 for the procurement of this contract, and disclaims usage of any other procurement options such as sealed bids allowed under applicable law. The School District reserves the right to reject any and all quotations and waive irregularities therein, and further reserves the right to award a contract to the lowest responsible service provider(s) that is in the best interest of Independent School District No. 4113-07.

Due Date:

1/29/2020 3:00pm



Relevant agencies include Zeno Group and M Booth PR.

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