Stacey Lee Agency Hires French/West/Vaughan

French West Vaughan

French/West/Vaughan has announced that the company has been selected to work as the agency of record for the Stacey Lee Agency. This is the first time the Stacey Lee Agency has hired an agency of record and they are eager to boost business. The company is celebrating its 20th anniversary and intends to increase business leads, boost media coverage, and garner more public interest.

“French/West/Vaughan has its finger on the pulse of what’s new,” said Stacey Lee, CEO of the Stacey Lee Agency. “Their experience, skills and contacts are precisely what we need to increase our visibility and grow our market share.”

French/West/Vaughan will be responsible for revamping the company’s brand after 20 years of success. They will also be handling the creation and execution of a campaign designed to raise consumer awareness and brand recognition. The company will work with their newest client to create an ideal campaign and ensure that they spread the brand of Stacey Lee Agency across the nation, increasing sales and business leads via publicity, as well as expos and trade shows.

“We are honored to represent the nation’s leading source for trade show and convention personnel,” said FWV Executive Vice President Jack Glasure. “Stacey Lee is an outstanding businesswoman, and we are excited to join her team as they continue to bring exceptional talent and aesthetic beauty to some of the largest and most celebrated trade shows from coast to coast.”

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