Stanton PR & Stanton Communications: Two Different Companies

First, they are two separate firms, so don’t get them confused thinking they are only one agency. Here’s what we found out about each of them individually, as well as some of their similarities, and differences.

Stanton Public Relations and Marketing

Stanton Public Relations and Marketing

Stanton Public Relations and Marketing (originally Stanton Crenshaw Communications) was founded in 1995 by Alex Stanton the current CEO. Their offices are on Third Avenue in New York City. They specialize in marketing services, PR, government affairs, and business development working primarily in the financial services and insurance, professional services, tech, education, media and marketing, and private capital and asset management sectors.

Alex Stanton served previously as the President of the New York chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. He sits on the board of directors for national charitable organizations and several public and private companies while also being a frequent speaker regarding communications, marketing, and business strategy.

Some of their clients include T.D. Ameritrade, Fidelis Insurance, Reliant Asset Management, the African Leadership Academy, and Filben Group.

Stanton Communications

Stanton Communications

Stanton Communications was founded 25 years ago by Peter Stanton, the current CEO. They have offices in Washington DC, New York, and Baltimore. They are also partners in PR World Alliance, offering them market outreach into the Pacific Rim, Africa, North America, Europe, and South America. They specialize in marketing communications, creative services, PR, public affairs, strategic planning, media relations, digital media, event planning, crisis communications, and spokesperson preparedness. They work with companies and non-profits in the consumer products, energy and environment, construction and engineering, healthcare services, education, transportation, tech, tourism, and professional services sectors.

Peter Stanton has 40 years’ experience in the PR, has advised heads of state on communications issues, and has coordinated three Papal visits to the states including the logistics of those visits. He speaks and writes often regarding communications and is a board member of the National China Garden Foundation.

Some of their clients include Denny’s, American Nurses Association, Drexel University, Equifax, and Southland Industries.

Common and Uncommon Ground

Both firms work in PR, marketing, and public (government) affairs, but each has other services they offer that isn’t a specialty of the other firm.

They both deal with healthcare services, professional services, tech, and education. But again, they each offer help in other sectors not offered by the other. SPRM focuses more on financial and investor work, while SC’s efforts are more wide-spread. SPRM has only the office in NYC, while SC has three offices and a global partnership affiliation.

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