5 Best Blogs to Announce a New Start-up

2010-11-29 by Aaron Sarno


Announcing a new business start-up is an exciting adventure for the small business entrepreneur. To maximize exposure, he should announce his site to as many portals, forums, blogs, and sites as possible. Sounds like a good idea, right? It is, but a large majority of sites don’t have significant traffic to make an impact. To streamline your efforts and to get the most exposure as possible, submit your announcement to a few sites guaranteed to have thousands, if not millions, of eyes read it.

Killer Start-ups

The site at KillerStartups.com is a user-driven community of Internet start-ups. It members include entrepreneurs, bloggers, web developers, and investors. The community thrives on staying abreast of all new start-ups and entrepreneurs making their foray into the small business world.

The site uses a hardy blog platform that is very successful in creating a buzzing social networking environment. Internet entrepreneurs submit information about their start-ups to the community and gather feedback from the members to see what they think about it.

Sun Start-up Essentials

Sun Start-Up Essentials has a comprehensive program that is useful in helping entrepreneurs get started in business. It offers several broad services, including networking, technological assistance, and web services like content storage and web hosting. The site provides the core essentials in getting a business from starting to running. It offers all the key tools an entrepreneur would need to make a significant impact into the business world. These include the following things:

  • A discount on servers, desktops, and storage.
  • A choice of operating systems: Windows, Linux, or Solaris.
  • Discounted software.
  • Free advice and technical support from top Sun engineers.


This informative website provides a comprehensive list of start ups and their area(s) of business or technology. Submission to the site places your business name, logo, and contact information in a large database for web developers and investors who may be of interest to your business idea. The site also features start-ups that are in other regions and countries.


Crunchbase.com is a free database for technology people, organizations, and investors. The extensive and exhaustive list of companies located on the site allow users to research and edit information about other business entities, including social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tagged, and MySpace. The website promotes interaction between users and posters.


New start-ups need to announce their ventures to key sites. The goal of the website at Startupmeme is simple: to discuss and talk about start-ups. The site focuses on relevant news related to start-ups and showcase those on the site. It has an active and engaging blog forum where users can exchange information and ideas to use in businesses.

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