State of Louisiana Issues RFP For Media Agency

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission (LHSC) has issued an RFP seeking an agency to provide paid media advertising placement services to include research on appropriate demographics based on the latest traffic safety data statistics; development of a statewide media buy plan; coordinate and purchase statewide media buys; preparation and submittal of all required reports.


The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission is an agency within the Department of Public Safety and Corrections and is subject to the supervision of a Governor appointed Commission. The LHSC is responsible for promoting behavioral -highway safety programs in Louisiana. LHSC programs are designed to reduce injury and fatal crashes on Louisiana roadways. The LHSC Public Information Officer and staff works in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Region VI to facilitate statewide media purchases based on the most current Federal guidelines and available funding.

Scope of Work:

Task and Services

Activities under this paid media contract include:

  1. Conducting research on Louisiana marketing demographics based on an evaluation of existing Louisiana traffic crash data.
  2. Utilizing research to develop a purchase strategy, media buy plan and schedule.
  3. Ensuring contractor’s work plans, time tables, and accounting reflects the methodology in accordance with federal government grant requirements
  4. Negotiating with media outlets to leverage paid media buys toward donated advertising media placements on a 1 to 1 ratio.


  • Affidavits of performance and paid media vendor invoices. Affidavits are required for all placements and must include cost per spot, time and day of placement, commercial aired, impressions reached for print / outdoor / web, and donated time provided by media outlet.
  • A post buy summary report on the media aired during each campaign; to include, quantity, cost, outreach, donated air time, and other related market information to be made available to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.
  • Complete reimbursement claims on a monthly basis and submitted to the LHSC no later than the 20th of the following month.
  • Deliver a written plan for a strategic media campaign aimed at the target audiences and target markets identified by the LHSC.
  • Deliver all collateral pieces and creative elements in production form and in an agreed upon format for LHSC’s review and approval prior to execution.
  • Deliver a media placement schedule for all applicable media buys.
  • Purchase media buys upon LHSC approval of the media placement schedule and written strategic media campaign plan.
  • The contractor shall deliver weekly reports on the progress and status of implementing any media campaign.

Due Date:

August 14, 2017


ATTN: MEDIA RFP Coordinator Michael Farrar
Louisiana Highway Safety Commission
7919 Independence Blvd. Suite 2100
Baton Rouge, La. 70806

Strong agencies for this could be Coyne PR or Burson-Marsteller.

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