State of Main, Department of Transportation Seeks PR Firm

The Maine Department of Transportation

Purpose / Background:

The Maine Department of Transportation (“MaineDOT”) is seeking proposals to provide Public Information Services as defined in this Request for Proposals (RFP) document. MaineDOT’s Office of Creative Services coordinates and manages the production and distribution of information materials; including websites, brochures, public service messages, media events and other communications products.  With continual maintenance activities and hundreds of capital improvement projects ongoing at any given time, MaineDOT must sometimes retain the services of qualified firms, hereinafter referred to as Consultants, to assist in the planning, preparation and delivery of information to key constituents..

Scope of Work:

The descriptions for each of the seven (7) service types are as follows:

A. Public Relations

  1. Work with community groups such as first responders, municipalities, businesses, etc.…
  2. Organize media events such as tours, press conferences, etc.
  3. Write and distribute press releases.
  4. Work with journalists or others involved with news media.

B. Media Consulting

  1. Provide strategic advice and training on interaction with news and/or other media such as web, broadcast or social media.
  2. Formulate and implement crisis plans.
  3. Formulate, implement and analyze market research.
  4. Analyze and design multi-pronged communication strategies.

C. Media Buying

  1. Strategize cost-effective media buying for print, electronic and broadcast media, etc. to achieve appropriate reach and frequency.
  2. Negotiate pricing in a fair manner with appropriate vendors.
  3. Distribute materials as needed to vendors.
  4. Estimate costs of all advertising.
  5. Process billing.

D. Advertising and Promotion

  1. Strategize and organize communication campaigns involving paid media.
  2. Supervise production of advertising and promotional materials.
  3. Oversee the execution of campaigns.
  4. Design and create displays, trade show booths, etc.

E. Copywriting and Report Writing

Write, proof-read, edit and produce information for print, electronic or broadcast media.

F. Graphic Design and Production

Design, implement and supervise graphic elements for print, electronic or broadcast media.

G. Meeting Facilitation

  1. Design and implementation of training for MaineDOT employees or members of the community.
  2. Design and implementation of public involvement strategies and meeting facilitation.
  3. Design and implementation of public participation with key stakeholder groups, including appropriate documentation.

Due Date:

October 11, 2017


Division of Purchases
Burton M. Cross Building
111 Sewall Street – 4th Floor|
Augusta, ME 04330

Strong government PR firms include APCO Worldwide and Burson-Marsteller.

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