Steve Harvey Sportswear Line Selling Well

Steve Harvey Miss UNiverse

World Marketing Inc, the licensing partner of media personality and comedian Steve Harvey announced today that sales are continuing very well for his signature clothing line.

“Major retailers have called to express support for the brand, realizing that Steve made a mistake, and expect the sportswear collection to do very well at retail. We stand with Steve, and feel for him. He made a human error, which will debut in stores for spring 2016. He has apologized and asked for forgiveness,” said Neil Mossberg, CEO of World Marketing.


World Marketing recently introduced its newest brand, Defend Brooklyn. Established in 1996, Defend Brooklyn is not just about a place – it is a mentality. Being Brooklyn symbolizes style, authenticity, and success without a compromise in integrity. Re-introduced into the market in February 2015, Defend Brooklyn is a premium apparel line that establishes a new standard of apparel by marrying high quality fabrications with fashion-forward, innovative, and flattering fit. Through their collection, which consists of jackets, pullovers, tees, and button downs, they want to share the important message to never abandon your roots…to defend your roots.

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