Stormwater Marketing RFP Issued  Outreach

Proposals Due: May 4, 2022


The City of Gaithersburg is seeking a qualified public relations and marketing firm to frame, develop, and aid in executing a successful public outreach plan for future water quality initiatives, infrastructure, an

stormwater capital improvement projects. The selected consultant will:

A. Task 1 – Create a Stormwater Outreach & Communication Strategic plan,

B. Task 2 – Develop a Communications Framework and Practitioner Toolkit for the Stormwater Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Program, and

C. Task 3 – Provide as-needed professional services to help execute the newly developed outreach plan.


A. Gaithersburg is among the largest cities in the State of Maryland, with a population in excess of 69,000, occupying more than 10 square miles within Montgomery County. The City provides many services including police protection, licensing and permitting, building inspections, recreation and cultural activities, street maintenance, recycling collection, stormwater management, housing and community development, and snow removal. Read more about our mission and vision at

B. Water resources in the City of Gaithersburg are impacted by various pollution sources that damage the water quality, habitat, and physical condition of local streams and lakes. Because Gaithersburg is an urbanized environment, most pollutants come from untreated stormwater runoff that directly enters waterways from the City’s storm drain system. To combat polluted runoff, the mission of the Gaithersburg Stormwater Program is to provide quality, cost-effective, and equity-based stormwater management for all residents.

C. Community is a core principle of healthy watersheds. Explaining the reasons why stormwater management is needed and important enables residents to bring positive, measurable change to local water quality. The City of Gaithersburg recognizes that an informed and knowledgeable community is crucial to the success of a stormwater management program. Developing a stormwater outreach strategy will enhance learning opportunities, promote civic engagement, and strengthen the community by equipping residents with the knowledge and skills necessary to responsibly protect and restore their local watershed.

D. Gaithersburg is embarking on a multi-year campaign that focuses on community outreach and engagement of stormwater initiatives, including watershed restoration projects, stormwater management techniques, non-point source pollution, environmental awareness, and the public’s relationship with stormwater. This campaign will be guided by the outreach plan, supported by the CIP toolkit, and supplemented with as-needed outreach services. The outreach framework developed throughout this multi-year campaign will ultimately set the stage for future stormwater public engagement.

Scope of Work

A. Task 1: Stormwater Outreach Plan

Objective: Develop a public-facing action-oriented plan that outlines communication strategies and develops axillary “program blueprints” for delivering place-based stormwater education, engagement, and participation opportunities to all Gaithersburg residents. See definition section for a further explanation of program blueprint. Below is a list of associated tasks on which the Offeror should expand:

i. Information gathering , audience research, stakeholder analysis

ii. Racial Equity and Social Justice

iii. Tenets of social-science and communication audit baselines

iv. Development of overarching stormwater program outreach and communication plan

v. Development of Program blueprints informed by overarching stormwater program plan

vi. Creating marketing material with artful graphics package for each program blueprint.

vii. Providing project timelines and progress reports

viii. Continual meeting facilitation with stakeholders for place-based messaging

ix. Collaborative presentation of the final plan to the Mayor and City Council


All questions regarding this Solicitation: (i) shall be submitted in writing by email to the Procurement Division, at; and (ii) shall be received by the date and time specified in the Solicitation Schedule. The solicitation number and title must be included in the subject line of the email. Any and all questions received not in compliance with this paragraph will not be answered unless the City, at its sole discretion, deems that a response to a question is necessary to clarify anything in the Solicitation Documents. The City’s responses to questions received will be issued via Addendum to this solicitation on the date specified in the Solicitation Schedule.

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