Strategic Objectives PR: A Strong Toronto PR Agency

Strategic Objectives PR firm

Strategic Objectives PR was founded in 1983. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada but has 40+ professionals working for them all across Canada. They are considered the premier PR firm in Canada and have won numerous awards. They are the only Canadian firm recognized by the UN for Outstanding Achievement in PR. They have also been named ABC/Toronto’s PR Agency of the Year in 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011, and 2009.

They offer full-service support to their clients in the Travel & Hospitality, Nonprofit, Education, Retail, Health & Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Financial, Fashion & Beauty, Corporate Communications, Packaged Goods, and Electronics & Appliances sectors. Some of their current clients include Barbie, Fisher Price, Oreo, Trident Splash, Captain Morgan, Oxford Learning, M&M Meat Shops, Build-a-Bear Workshop, and Guinness. They have also helped several U.S. firms open up their marketing and sales locations in Canada. Such firms include Payless Shoes and Whole Food Markets.

The firm was founded by Deborah Weinstein (President) and Judy Lewis. Both women still play a vital and active part in the firm’s efforts and in growing their client base and reputation. Both of the ladies are also popular speakers at various seminars and conventions centered around marketing and PR.

If you go to Strategic Objectives PR as a client, you can expect them to create consumer-facing PR to boost your sales and increase awareness of the best your brand has to offer. They will work tirelessly to launch products, connect people, support causes, make news, and change minds … and they’ll keep doing it every day. They do this seamlessly because of their deep insights into local attitudes and buying choices.

SO will study your brand, target market, and other variables to help you decide which social media platforms will best suit your marketing efforts. Once that is decided, they will help you establish protocols to maximize your social media work. They will also set up crisis management strategies, so if the worst happens, they will be ready to help immediately. And as part of that, they vigilantly monitor mainstream, digital, and social media for any possibilities of a crisis brewing on the horizon.

If you are a Canadian company looking for PR work, or if you are considering expanding your business to Canada, Strategic Objectives would be a great place to start looking for help. Their experience and award-winning team will be sure to offer insight and expertise for your journey.

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