Dr. Chauncey Crandall On Stress In Public Relations

Dr Chauncey CrandalGiven the fact that Public Relations executives regularly rank as among the most stressful jobs ever, one wonders what PR people do to ensure that they avoid heart disease.

As Dr. Chauncey Crandall, one of America’s top cardiologists says:

 “People forget that stress is a key risk factor for heart disease. Pressure in any business – including a fast-moving one like the PR industry brings crazy stress, which often shows up later in the form of heart disease. One has to eat well constantly, and should beware of many factors. People do not realize how much of a role stress plays in the formation of coronary artery disease. Stress causes the body to release unhealthy hormones into the bloodstream, which promote the formation of atherosclerosis, even in the absence of other heart disease risk factors.”

Interestingly, PR legend Dan Edelman had a few pages in the book “Edelman – Conversations – Edelman and the Rise of Public Relations” which detailed his insistence that great PR people must eat well and exercise daily. As he said among his rules was “Keep in shape and exercise regularly.”

There’s many in the PR industry who speak of exercise – from HARO founder Peter Shankman who is an active participant in triathlons to Jessica Weidensall, former global PR director for the World Triathlon Corporation who recently joined Weber Shandwick.

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