SutherlandGold PR Firm Profile

SutherlandGold are a PR company dedicated to helping companies bring their ideas to life. This compassionate group of marketing experts believes in bringing the humanity back to the advertising world. Working together with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, the company helps brands to reach their customers and build new loyalty.

SutherlandGold is a company that concentrates on finding the best campaigns for their clients. Sometimes this means working in social media, and sometimes it’s about connecting with the press or launching events with collaborators. The integrated campaigns created by SutherlandGold are great at helping the businesses they work with to achieve their goals.

SutherlandGold Leadership and Clients

SutherlandGold is an organization that enjoys helping the innovators and disruptors of the world. Over the years, the company has supported major leading brands, publicly traded companies and startups alike as they look for new ways to accomplish amazing things.

SutherlandGold comes from the mind of Lesley Gold, the current SEO of the SG Group. Lesley is a lifelong storyteller, marketing expert and messaging master who helps startups and top brands around the world to accomplish great things. Lesley has a range of talents to deliver to her clients and she knows how to support even the most impressive brands, including companies like Comcast Ventures and Sony.

During her time as the CEO and founder of Sutherland Gold, Lesley has helped to market and position hundreds of companies, products and brands, while also supporting individual people too. She’s also known for working alongside some of the biggest media outlets around, including the New York Times and USA Today.

Some of the businesses that SutherlandGold work with today include ApartmentList, Circle, Radius, SurveyMonkey, Birchbox, and many more.

SutherlandGold PR Perks and Problems

As employers, SutherlandGold have a lot to offer both veterans and those that are just learning about the PR industry. The business is packed full of people who know how to work well together to achieve their goals, which makes it a fun and collaborative environment for any employee. SutherlandGold is also particularly appealing to people who are interested in the technology sector. Of course, like many PR companies SutherlandGold’s work is very fast-paced, which means that some people can struggle to feel comfortable in this kind of atmosphere.

Job seekers can get a feel for Blast PR on their LinkedIn or Facebook pages.

Getting a Job with SutherlandGold

SutherlandGold describe themselves as a low-drama and high-passion company that enjoys hiring people that can contribute to the culture. The team is made up of a wide range of personalities, and they’re constantly adding new people to the mix.

Those interested in getting a job with SutherlandGold can send their resume to the company at

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