Bliss PR: A Communications Profile

Bliss PR: A Communications Company Profile

Bliss Integrated Communications or “Bliss” is a PR company committed to getting to know their clients so that they can deliver state of the art communications experiences tailor-made for specific industries and sectors. The Integrated teams that work with Bliss work around client business needs, with no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Bliss offers a challenging and rewarding place to work for PR professionals.

Bliss Integrated Leadership and Clients:

Bliss Integrated Communications push themselves to understand as much as they can about the way their clients’ businesses work so that they can transform complicated problems into actionable strategies for marketing. With roots in professional services that span forty years back, Bliss specializes in this area first. Their unique approach to customized promotional methods has helped them to earn clients like AMCF, AESC, IBDO, and Haygroup.

Additionally, Bliss Integrated Communication also has background knowledge in the Financial Services Industry, where they work alongside groups like Berkadia, Confluence Active, and more. On top of that, there’s also plenty of opportunities to work with healthcare groups like Fair Health, Procure, and UBI with this brand.

Bliss PR Perks and Problems:

Like many brands in the PR world, Bliss believes that their people are their biggest assets. People from different career backgrounds help to make Bliss a diverse and exciting place to work. The company prizes individuals who like to dive into the depths of client work, and they create a culture of mutual respect and kindness among their employees. With their client-centric environment, Bliss strive for excellent service and better teamwork.

There’s a merit-based culture in Bliss Integrated Communications where all employees have the chance to show off their skills and background knowledge.

Bliss Integrated Services:

Bliss Integrated Communications has a history of developing cutting-edge business-to-business public relations strategies for their clients. Rooted in the discipline of strategic public relations services, both in the consumer and business marketplace, this company offers a wide range of impressive services to clients, including an impressive portfolio of creative and diverse PR work. Their services include:

  • Media tours and briefing
  • Issue management
  • Internal communications
  • Public affairs
  • Reputation Management
  • Industry analyst relations
  • Thought leadership
  • Social responsibility planning

Getting a Job With Bliss Integrated Communications:

Currently, Bliss is on the hunt for hard-working and eager candidates to join their team in the PR world. The company claims that they hire for the diversity of experience and intelligent and believe that a unique blend of talent helps them to offer the best possible services to their clients – and unique perspectives too.

People who interested in joining the Bliss Integrated Communications team are free to browse through the range of job openings available on the company website – which updates regularly to highlight any new arrivals. If there’s no position available that highlights your background or skills, Bliss encourages you to send your resume to the email on the website anyway.

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