Create, Send, Track Email Campaigns with Swiftpage

Swiftpage is one of those “must have” or “must use” applications for professional communicators. In this age dominated by real-time communications, video conferencing, webinars, Twitter, Facebook and Google Wave, email marketing still has its place. This is what Swiftpage is all about: smart email marketing strategies. This is a company that carefully selects its customers, to ensure that it is never associated with spammy techniques.

The service provided, a combination application and online platform, is richer than other email marketing solutions available, and the costs for communicators are kept as low as possible. Swiftpage offers a stand-alone online email service – Swiftpage hosted; a server-based email management system fully integrated into ACT!, and other solutions integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Excel.

The solutions provided by Swiftpage go beyond simple email marketing. With smart tools that enable you to create professional email templates, send these and then track who opened, clicked, bounced, or suppressed your emails, Swiftpage pretty much covers the basic needs. But add Swiftpage’s survey tool that allows you to map your survey responses and grow your information database, and you already have a smart communications means, not always available at such convenience.

Email Blast Summary

The solutions become more refined with Swiftpage’s Drip Marketing, that enables you to

  • create email, telemarketing, postcard, letter, and fax communication stage options, schedule a call list, or choose to export a list of contacts in your campaign, pause your campaign for review, or transfer contacts to a different campaign;
  • cater specifically to each of your contacts with branching options based on your contacts’ interactions with previous stages, or a specified field in your database;
  • load contacts into your Drip Marketing campaign from your database, sync to a group within your ACT! or SalesLogix database, or have contacts automatically loaded into your campaign after they complete your survey with the Drip Marketing Autoloader; and more.

An informative Education Center allows Swiftpage users, and potential clients to learn all the versatilities of the service. Live demos are also available, as well as recordings of such demos, for those communicators who have a busy schedule. A 60 day fully-functional free trial limited to sending email to a maximum of 50 addresses at one time is available, and recommended for you to get accustomed with the UI – probably the only service feature that needs refinement and some cosmetic enhancements.

The UI could be more discoverable – without the information provided in the Education Center and the many demos, it could take a long time to get accustomed with the UI. However, Swiftpage’s UI is less cluttered than others, and the easy integration with ACT!, Outlook and particularly Excel (for those huge contact lists all communicators are already familiar with) make Swiftpage a winner. Moreover, integrating Swiftpage Surveys and Web Forms with your website is a smart way of gathering new contacts, gaining insight into your current contacts, and making more educated business decisions.

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