Syracuse City, Utah Issues RFP For Website Design & Development

Syracuse City, Utah Issues RFP For Website Design & Development


Syracuse City is seeking to update its website to enhance the user experience, simplify content management, and provide better information and customer service to its community, while meeting high standards for design quality and visual appeal. Effective websites provide interactive content that keeps users engaged and coming back. Effective websites also must ensure that content sought is easily found and that navigation remains user friendly. The website should also be easily managed and updated with pertinent information. In Syracuse City, the management of online content has been decentralized to some extent, with the assistance of a handful of “power users.” The City would like to more fully decentralize content management to multiple content managers in each City department under the oversight of the City Manager.

Syracuse City seeks the assistance of a company that can accomplish all of the functionality identified in this RFP but has the flexibility of providing this functionality over time, if needed due to budgetary constraints. The City also seeks a company that can provide this functionality through an attractive design, and has the capability of integrating additional features that may be needed in the future.


Syracuse City, UT was incorporated on September 3, 1935 and is located 30 miles north of Salt Lake City on the eastern edge of the Great Salt Lake. Syracuse became linked to Antelope Island State Park in 1969, with construction of a causeway. The City is the gateway to Antelope Island bringing 431,190 visitors in fiscal year 2017, through the heart of the city.

Syracuse City currently occupies a land area of 9.5 square miles and serves a population of approximately 29,000. Syracuse City is a rapidly growing community that is projected to be approximately 60,000 population by the year 2040. The City currently has approximately 100 full-time equivalent employees and is governed by a six-member council form of government. Policy-making and legislative authority are vested in a governing council consisting of a mayor and five other members, known as the City Council. The governing council is responsible, among other things, for passing ordinances, adopting the budget, appointing committees, and hiring the City’s manager. The Mayor is the Chief Executive of the City, however the day-to-day operations are delegated to the City Manager.

Scope of Work:

The listing below represents functional categories and is not comprehensive; others may be recommended or added. The City’s new website vendor must be able to provide the desired components shown. Possible budgetary constraints may require that this project be implemented in phases.

Functionality & Site Attributes Listing:

Overall Design:

  1. Attractive Design: While the City welcomes new design ideas, below is a list of other websites that accurately reflects a similar look and feel that the City desires:

Citizen Communication:

  1. Personal Calendar Integration: Website user can select different calendars published by the City and integrate them into their own personal calendars. Calendars are automatically updated and are dynamic within the user’s own calendar.
  2. Alerts & Emergency Posts: Ability to place emergency messages as scroll, ticker, or similar function on website pages.
  3. E-Notifications Subscription Service: Website user can subscribe to specific lists for text and/or email notifications. RSS feed capability also.
  4. Fix-It Request: Online submission of fix it requests from citizen. Includes routing, tracking and response to citizen.
  5. Share to a Friend: Website features can be easily shared through social media/email/text.
  6. New & Announcements: Ability to easily post rotating/responsive news and announcements on website.
  7. Social Media Window: Website shows window of latest social media posts by the City. Citizens can view posts even if they do not have social media accounts. The current website has this feature.
  8. Video integration: Ability to display video within window on the site.

Customer Services & Information:

  1. Bid, RFP, and RFQ Management Page: Potential bidders can read bid notices, download appropriate documents or fill out and submit online forms, and post questions and view answers that display publicly on the page for other potential bidders to view. Also allows potential bidders to subscribe to specific types of bid notices.
  2. Online Application, Permit and License Services: Online submission of permits, license and other applications and payments, with attached documents as needed; with routing, tracking and approval capability included. Note: Currently the City uses Iworq software.
  3. Online Cemetery Information: Online name database, searchable, with plot # and location capability. Website users can also view lots that are available. Note: The City currently uses a software called Spatial Generation, but has decided to migrate to another software.
  4. Centralized Payment Processor Integration: Website integrates with third-party payment processor for online transactions. Note: The City currently uses Express Billpay for online payments.
  5. Searchable Directories: A searchable, online staff directory; also a searchable online directory of businesses located in the City.
  6. Online Facility Rental & Program Registration: Primarily through Parks & Rec, ability for customers/users to view availability of facilities, reserve and pay online. Also register for recreation programs and subscribe to calendar and notifications for specific programs.
  7. Fee Calculator: Online customer/user can calculate the cost of a rental, service, or other fee based on the City’s currently adopted fee schedule.
  8. Online Job Posting and Application Service: Applicants will be able to create online profile, submit application, and attach documents. This function ideally would integrate job postings with City’s social media outlets. This can be accomplished with the internal CMS or through a third party integration. Currently the City uses Applicant Pro software
  9. Site Search: Site search engine.
  10. Public Information Requests: Citizens can make online requests for public documents. Requests include form application, routing, response, and documentation.
  11. ADA Compliant: Must meet all ADA requirements and specifications.

City Information:

  1. Agenda Management: Upload, create, and manage meeting agendas and meeting packet materials. Note: Current website function is adequate, but improved design and more automated approval and publishing functions are desired.
  2. Planning & Zoning Maps & Info: The City’s General Plan and Zoning Map can be viewed online, with property data. This can be achieved through KML/KMZ format through third party GIS viewer such as Google Earth.
  3. The City’s Engineering Standards Online, Searchable: Currently the City’s engineering standards for construction are available in PDF format.
  4. Automatic Post Expiration: Expiration dating removes website posts automatically.

Website Functionality- Back End:

  1. Broken Links Finder: Internal 404 detection. Errors reported to City’s IT personnel with page info.
  2. Browser Based Administration: Internal City users can update, delete, and create web pages easily through CMS. Self Administration capability; coded and fully documented to allow other parties to work within it, if needed. Code will need to be validated by 3rd party sampling.
  3. Web Document Management: Upload/download capability; back-end ability to easily search and find documents.
  4. Consolidate Affiliated URLs: The City’s Parks and Recreation website is under a separate URL . The City will maintain ownership of this URL, but the Parks & Recreation pages need to be brought back under the City’s URL.
  5. Online Form Creation: Whether through CMS or third party application, internal users need to be able to easily create and edit online forms, as well as PDF forms.
  6. Dynamic Image Display Capability: Images and photos are easily added and edited on the site, and are displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
  7. Site Statistics: Ability to view site analytics and produce site audit reports.
  8. Other Website Attributes:
  9. Https
  10. Multilingual capability
  11. Possible new URL
  12. Responsive to any mobile platform
  13. Sitemap & Breadcrumbs
  14. Printer-Friendly Pages
  15. Back-end user permission level differentiation

Due Date:

June 11th


Syracuse City

Attn: Brody Bovero, City Manager

1979 West 1900 South, Syracuse, UT 84075

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