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2016-08-02 by EPR Staff
APCO Worldwide PR Logo

APCO signed to help clean Nigeria’s image with U.S. APCO Worldwide has been hired by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to clean up the image of the Nigerian government with the U.S. APCO’s initial contract covers a three-month period that just ended July 17th for a fixed rate of $95K to provide strategic communications services, media relations, and stakeholder engagement within the U.S. for Nigeria. According to icirnigeria.org, more than $6 million has been spent on similar contracts with firms outside of Nigeria over the last three years to clean up President Muhammadu Buhari’s image as well as the... Read More >

MWW, APCO, Dukas Linden PR, Kwittken, and Crenshaw Communications

2016-07-08 by EPR Staff

Wendi Shapiro joins MWWPR as Sr. VP Western Region Consumer Practice Leader in Los Angeles Wendi Shapiro left her Sr. VP job with Murphy O’Brien PR to start as a Sr. VP at MWWPR. In the new position, she will oversee the consumer practice division for the Western region working out of their Los Angeles office. In addition to the consumer practice and communication strategies with clients including those in industries such as wine and spirits, restaurant, and travel, she’ll also be in charge of business development for potential consumer clients. While at Murphy O’Brien, Shapiro provided account management and... Read More >

Happenings at KCSA Strategic, HL Group, APCO, Abernathy McGregor, and Kekst

2016-06-20 by EPR Staff
KCSA Strategic Communications

What's Happening at KCSA Strategic? KCSA PR Strategic Communications creates platform for equity crowdfunding CrowdFund Communication (CFC), a new platform offered by KCSA PR offers companies doing equity crowdfunding a mobile investor relations app combined with consulting services, and quarterly communications templates (shareholder notification, press release, and other content), and additional services. Millions of new investors buy shares in thousands of companies annually, and this app helps keep shareholders current with their investment companies. This app is specifically geared toward companies with non-accredited investors under Title III of the JOBS Act. KCSA is based in New York – and a... Read More >

America’s Top PR Firms Are Not Using Instagram!

2016-02-16 by EPR Staff
instagram social media

Edelman, New York City, New York. https://www.instagram.com/edelman/  with over 29,000 followers, the verified account has 408 posts at the last count. This is one PR firm that has taken advantage of the power that social media platforms have, and specifically, Instagram has, on digital marketing. Additionally, the firm has also decided to showcase some of the 5,300 employees who work for it worldwide and have shared plenty of valuable information about the company itself or its initiatives. Unfortunately, the engagement rate for all of those posts is still low compared to the number of people who follow the account, and the... Read More >

Visa PR vs. Master Card PR

2016-01-07 by EPR Staff
Visa Mastercard

Cash takes a backseat in most modern economies, while credit and debit cards move to the forefront.  And two of the best credit cards are Visa and MasterCard – and both card companies capitalize on PR skills to differentiate themselves. Similarities in Marketing Though Visa and MasterCard rival each other in the market, the two companies share a mostly friendly relationship. They almost seem to embrace their similarities. This reflects in the companies’ almost identical PR strategies. The two market leaders also face similar – and sometimes the same – lawsuits and attacks around the world. In fact, Visa and... Read More >

PR News From Peppercomm, Levick, Beckerman PR & APCO Worldwide

2015-12-16 by EPR Staff
PR News

Sitrick sells NY Central Park Apartment According to The Real Deal, Daniel and Bonnie Tisch (Daniel is the late Loews Corporation owner’s grandson) purchased 980 Fifth Avenue, which overlooks Central Park for $8.13 million. The apartment was sold by Michael Sitrick of Sitrick and Company, a Los Angeles-based  PR firm, who  is best known for his work in crisis management.   Peppercomm  launches Cooper MINI Carbon Edition The MINI Carbon Edition is touted as the fastest, loudest, and most powerful MINI Hardtop 4 Door. MINI is an independent brand but operates under the umbrella of BMW Group. This week a... Read More >

An APCO Fire Is Burning In India

2015-12-02 by EPR Staff
APCO Worldwide PR Logo

“We have been contacted twice in recent weeks by private PR companies representing Indian govt. officials. Good use of govt funds? @PMOIndia” Such was a tweet from Washington Post India bureau chief Annie Gowen that set off a barrage of Tweets that followed. The height of the Twitter debate reached its peak on Saturday. Its focus? In using these private PR companies, is Prime Minister Narendra Modi frittering away valuable public funds to enhance the image of his BJP-Led government? The Tweet also led to a viral trend - #ModiMediaGate. Ms. Gowen also tweeted on Saturday, “Point being Modi govt... Read More >

10 Largest PR Firms in the US & Their Website Traffic

2015-11-16 by EPR Staff
North America PR Firms

PR firms are all over the place, but to get a sneak peak at the 10 largest PR firms and a glimpse of their website traffic, take a look at the list below from PR Week. Edelman. The world’s largest PR agency has been around for over sixty years, and it continues pushing boundaries of what the PR industry can do. Edelman’s website traffic ranks 25,731 in the United States, and 61,360 globally. 38% of website visitors come from the U.S., 12.4% from the United Kingdom, 9.6% from India, 6.1% from Nigeria, and 3.1% from Singapore. Waggener Edstrom Communications. WE... Read More >

APCO Worldwide: Representing and Attacking Facebook

2015-11-06 by EPR Staff
APCO Worldwide

PR firms – much like law firms – have conflicts of interest and issues they cannot discuss.  This is especially true when representing one of the largest companies in the world, Facebook. In recent days, APCO Worldwide made a public statement on behalf of Facebook – and also criticized the company publicly.  Leaving us a little confused. Can one of the world’s largest PR firms have it both ways? APCO Worldwide works with clients like Dell, Ebay, and international accounts like Sony Africa. The Facebook Controversy Facebook is not one of the companies listed as clients on their website –... Read More >

APCO Worldwide Scandal Dominating Malaysia Media

2015-11-05 by EPR Staff
Paul Stadlen APCO Worldwide

The former head of the Kuala Lumpur office of APCO Worldwide, Paul Stadlen, is at the center of a scandal sweeping through Malaysia. Reports recently surfaced suggesting that the PR expert’s newest client is none other than the Prime Minister. Government officials want the truth of Stadlen’s relationship with the Prime Minister. But, Prime Minister Razak’s only comment to date is: “For your information… Paul Stadlen (Gregory) is a permanent resident (PR) in Malaysia… he is free to enter and leave this country for working purposes without having to own a working permit...” In spite of this reply, the Prime... Read More >

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