America’s Top PR Firms Are Not Using Instagram!

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How are the Top 25 United States PR Firms using Instagram?

We started wondering how much Instagram is playing into ongoing efforts by the top 25 largest independent PR firms for marketing, branding, and other purposes. So we took a look.

Here’s what we found:

  1. Edelman, New York City, New York. has less than 9,100 followers and 358 posts at the last count. Considering Edelman has over 5K employees, these numbers don’t show them as using their Instagram account as a marketing tool for their business. However, that may not be what they are trying to accomplish. Most of their recent posts have been either pictures of leaders in the company or quotes by leaders. At a loose estimate, they average about 100 likes per post and recently have posted about every five days on average.
  1. APCO Worldwide, Washington, DC. is not linked on their website, but we found it anyway. They have 190 followers and 42 posts. Clearly Instagram is not a priority for this global agency. It appears to be mainly about corporate culture in the pictures, and they receive an average of about 15 likes per post, adding a new post every one to four weeks.
  1. WE (Waggener Edstrom), Bellevue, Washington. has less than 500 followers and 145 posts currently. Since WE has about 700 employees, their Instagram numbers seem to indicate they put almost no importance there – since not even all their employees follow the account. Most of their posts seem to be of company events, with a few quotes from leaders with WE. It looks like they get an average of about 20 likes per post and put up a new post every couple of weeks.
  1. W2O Group, San Francisco, California. W2O Group does not show an Instagram account on their website, in fact, it takes a bit of sniffing around to find anything about what social media platforms they participate on, but they are on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. On Instagram, there are some posts that show a hashtag for the company, but no account.

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  1. Ruder Finn, New York City, New York. has 229 followers and 69 posts at present.  Almost all of their pictures are of corporate events and happenings, and the most current post is from 10 weeks ago. It would not appear RF uses their Instagram for marketing or branding purposes, but a way to keep employees connected.
  1. Finn Partners, New York City, New York. Finn Partners does not list an Instagram account on their website, but they have one all the same, at The account has 406 followers and 153 posts. They use this account for a combo of branding, marketing, and corporate culture. Their most recent post is from 18 weeks ago, and they average about 20-25 likes per picture.
  1. MWWPR, New York City, New York. has 522 followers and 210 posts. A large number of their posts wish people a happy …. whatever. So, out of the last 12 posts, 6 of them are wishing a joyful holiday for various reasons. They post once every couple of weeks on average and do not appear to use their Instagram for marketing or branding purposes. They don’t really even use it to post corporate-related events, people, or accomplishments.
  1. ICR, New York City, New York. ICR appears only to be listed on Twitter according to their website, and a search on Instagram resulted in no joy. 
  1. DKC Public Relations, New York City, New York. has 351 followers and 80 posts. Many of their recent posts are pictures of celebrities or pseudo-celebrities, many of them are clients of the firm. But you have to read the posts to figure that out, and since Instagram is almost entirely about the picture, they could probably add some text onto the pictures and get a better result from a marketing standpoint. Their posts probably average around 20 likes, and they probably do about one to two posts a week. 


  1. Zeno Group, New York City, New York. has 382 followers and 97 posts. Most of their posts are of corporate events and happenings, and they average about 20 likes per post.  They seem to post in spurts, so they have several posts in one week and then can go a couple of months before posting anything further.
  1. Allison + Partners, San Francisco, California. They do not list an Instagram account on their website. However, a search on Instagram found They have 592 followers and 385 posts. Their posts seem to be primarily about their company and employees, adding pictures a couple of times a week usually. Their pictures average about 20-25 likes each.
  1. Global Strategy Group, New York City, New York. GSG doesn’t list an Instagram account. And a search of Instagram did not turn up any results for them either. They list Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts on social media, though.
  1. PadillaCRT, Minneapolis, Minnesota. has 293 followers and 77 posts.  Most of their posts are of people, from the look of the pictures they are attending client-sponsored events probably planned by PadillaCRT as well as employee nonprofit efforts. Many of the pictures may appear to be about clients, but they don’t mention the client’s names or information about the events. Though they are using the account for marketing and branding from how it appears, they only post every several weeks and get an average of about 25 likes per photo.
  1. Racepoint Global, Boston, Massachusetts. has 350 followers and 375 posts. Finally, a PR firm using their Instagram account a bit more frequently, at least according to the number of posts. The pictures are a combination of corporate and client events and happenings, but it should be noted that the pictures in this gallery seem to be very hi-def and pop on the page, as opposed to ones probably taken from cell phones and such. The posts average about 20-25 likes each, and they post from various offices totaling up to several times a week.
  1. G&S Business Communications, New York City, New York. G&S does not list an Instagram account on their website, and a search didn’t find an account. But they are active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+.


  1. Coyne PR, Parsippany, New Jersey. Coyne also does not list an Instagram account on their website. When we searched Instagram for them, we found, which has 38 followers but no posts. They appear to keep their social media platform work to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  1. Taylor, New York City, New York. Taylor Strategies does not appear to have any social media accounts. At least, none are listed on their website or with O’Dwyers either. And when we searched Instagram, nothing was found there for this company.
  1. Prosek Partners, New York City, New York. Neither does Prosek have an Instagram account listed on their website. A search of Instagram did not find an account, but there are 16 hashtagged pictures. The only social media account they listed is with Twitter.
  1. Hunter PR, New York City, New York. has 340 followers and 88 posts. It appears their posts are all about company social events and lots of sweet treats. Looks like fun work environment, but no client marketing or even company branding seems to be done on this account. Their posts average about 25 likes each, and they post about once a week.
  1. 5WPR, New York City, New York. 5WPR does not list an Instagram account on their website. They show links to their social media activity with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. But on searching Instagram, they do actually have an account at with 1569 followers and 379 posts.  Their most recent post had a potential client reaching out to them to set up a meeting. They also often get well over 100 likes on their posts and average about two to three pictures per week.
  1. French | West | Vaughan, Raleigh, North Carolina. FMV does not list an Instagram link on their website. They list links for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We found an Instagram account at with 50 followers, but no posts, and if you want to see anything they post in the future, you must request for approval as a follower of their account.
  1. Falgren Mortine, Columbus, Ohio. Falgren Mortine’s website does not list any social media links. Beyond that, their website is kind of a pain to work and difficult to figure out how to maneuver around it – we suggest they do something to make it more user-friendly. A search of Instagram found no matches for this company.
  1. LEVICK, Washington, DC. LEVICK does not list an Instagram link on their website, nor does a search of Instagram find any matches to their company. They show links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn only.
  1. SparkPR, San Francisco, California. doesn’t actually list a link to their Instagram account on their website, but we found it anyway. They have 81 followers and 45 posts. They average less than 10 likes per picture, but their pictures are high quality and eye-catching. Obviously, this is not a priority to them, since their latest post happened 39 weeks ago.
  1. Peppercomm, New York City, New York. has 317 followers and 385 posts. Their pictures seem to be mainly about company culture, and they average a post every one to two weeks. They receive an average of about 25 likes per picture.

Unfortunately, we found the top 25 PR firms offering a rather sad showing of Instagram usage and awareness. Considering, so much of PR is about social media these days, when those firms with the most resources and certainly enough people who should know how to use Instagram on their payrolls, it saddens us that only a few of them seem to even know how to use the platform for business purposes.

We hope more of the firms manage to increase their Instagram cred in 2016.

Instagram is a fast growing communications tool – surprising PR firms don’t use it.

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