America’s Top PR Firms Are Not Using Instagram!

  1. Edelman, New York City, New York.  with over 29,000 followers, the verified account has 408 posts at the last count. This is one PR firm that has taken advantage of the power that social media platforms have, and specifically, Instagram has, on digital marketing. Additionally, the firm has also decided to showcase some of the 5,300 employees who work for it worldwide and have shared plenty of valuable information about the company itself or its initiatives. Unfortunately, the engagement rate for all of those posts is still low compared to the number of people who follow the account, and the posts that are shared at a frequency of once per week, average at about 200 likes and little to no comments.
  1. W2O Group, San Francisco, California. This firm doesn’t feature any Instagram accounts on the company website; however, a quick look at a search engine has revealed a couple of different accounts from the firm’s different locations. However, one account has barely over 1,000 followers, while the other one has over 200, and both of them have posts that have been shared very infrequently, in the span of several months. On the other hand, the firm is on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where, although it doesn’t have a lot of followers, there are posts that are shared frequently.
  1. APCO Worldwide, Washington, DC. This firm doesn’t look to Instagram as a priority when it comes to their digital marketing capabilities, but it has profiles on all of the other big social media platforms, where it has a lot more followers, where it shares posts a lot more frequently. As for Instagram, most of the posts are about the company itself and its corporate culture, which are shared a few times a month, and receive, on average, about 50 likes per post.
  1. Finn Partners, New York City, New York. Finn Partners has another profile on Instagram, dedicated to its German branch. However, the main one has a little over 1,500 followers, and the company has shared over 600 posts and posts quite frequently. Despite all of that, most of them average at about 20-30 likes per picture.
  1. ICR, New York City, New York. At almost 300 followers, the Instagram account for this agency has 155 posts, the last of which was shared in January of this year. Before that, the agency shared a picture of corporate events at least once a month, and they averaged at about 20 likes.
  1. Zeno Group, New York City, New York. Zeno Group has over 1,500 followers on Instagram, where it has shared over 400 posts, that average at about 100 likes per post. Most of the latest posts are focused on their efforts on the pandemic, and the previous ones are from corporate events.
  1. Ruder Finn Inc, New York City, New York. The agency has over 800 followers and nearly 300 posts, most of which are either about showcasing employees or from corporate events and average at about 30 likes per post. The company tends to use this account as a way to keep all of the employees connected, as they are the ones that most frequently interact with the posts.
  1. Prosek Partners, New York City, New York. This is an agency that doesn’t use Instagram as one of its marketing tactics, and instead, prefers using LinkedIn, where it shares content fairly frequently and has over 11,000 followers. As for Instagram, it has a little over 400 followers and 172 posts to date, that average at about 50-60 likes.
  1. MWWPR, New York City, New York. The verified account of this agency has over 1500 followers and over 500 posts that average at about 60-70 likes and even has story highlights, which not a lot of companies are taking advantage of. The agency frequently features its employees and also takes advantage of all the other social media platforms.
  1. Hotwire, New York City, New York. Hotwire has over 1200 followers on Instagram and has 343 posts to date, which average at about 50 likes per picture. This is another agency that has story highlights on its profile, and frequently features its employees and also uses all of the other social media platforms to promote itself and its events.
  1. Padilla, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Padilla has a verified account on Instagram with over 1200 followers and a little over 500 posts, that average anywhere between 20 to 70 likes per picture. Most of the posts are about the company itself and are shared at a rate of about once a month. It’s actually LinkedIn and Twitter, where the agency is most active.
  1. Spectrum, Washington, DC. Spectrum shares posts on Instagram at least a couple of times every month, and the account has a little over 400 followers, with 57 posts to date. The posts average at about 20 likes per picture and frequently feature the employees at the agency. However, the agency is mostly active on Twitter and frequently shares information about the industry as well as the company itself.
  1. 5W Public Relations, New York City, New York. Despite having over 5500 followers, 5WPR doesn’t feature its Instagram account on the company website. Nevertheless, the account has over 1300 posts and averages between 50-60 likes per picture. Additionally, 5WPR also has story highlights on the company account that frequently feature clients and employees alike.
  1. IMRE, LLC, Baltimore, Maryland. This agency is most popular and most often uses LinkedIn, but it frequently uses Instagram as well, where it has a little over 800 followers and 150 posts. The posts are often visuals about the company itself, shared a few times per month, and garner anywhere between 30-40 likes.
  1. Kivvit, Chicago, Illinois. The agency doesn’t have a profile on Instagram, and there were no posts about it either. However, it is fairly active on LinkedIn as well as Twitter, where it has over 1000 followers.
  1. Citizen Relations, Los Angeles, California. Citizen Relations doesn’t have many posts on Instagram, currently at only 33, and the account has over 800 followers. Most of the posts are about the company’s activities, that are shared through the Instagram Stories feature, and the posts garner between 30-40 likes per picture. When it comes to social media platforms, the main focus of this agency seems to be Facebook, where it has a lot more followers and posts.
  1. French West Vaughan, Raleigh, North Carolina. With a little over 600 followers, and 439 posts to date, French West Vaughan frequently posts pictures featuring its employees and corporate culture, where they get between 20-30 likes per picture. The company is a lot more active on Facebook, Twitter as well as LinkedIn, where it frequently shares information as well as marketing advice that others can find very useful.
  1. Coyne PR, Parsippany, New Jersey. Coyne PR has 470 followers on Instagram and 47 posts, with the last post being shared at the end of 2016, which means that the company doesn’t really use this social media platform. The account is also missing from the company website, but Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts are featured, where Coyne PR shares posts about its corporate culture at least once per week.
  1. G&S Business Communications, New York City, New York The G&S Instagram account has over 600 followers and over 500 posts that get anywhere between 20 and 60 likes. The posts are about the company’s corporate culture and are shared a couple of times per week. The same thing is happening on all of the other company profiles on social media platforms, where the company shares the same content at the same rate.
  1. Fahlgren Mortine, Columbus, Ohio. This company has over 1000 Instagram followers, where it has shared more than 500 posts. The posts on the account get, on average, about 50 likes per picture and frequently feature the corporate culture of the company itself, as well as the employees that work there.
  1. Havas Formula, New York City, New York. The Havas Formula Instagram account has nearly 1000 followers with over 250 posts that show the corporate culture and the company’s clients. The posts get up to 100 likes per picture, on average, but the last post was shared in July. The same thing has happened on every other social media platform that this agency uses, with the last posts being shared at the beginning of July.
  1. Evoke KYNE, New York City, New York. This agency has a little over 500 followers on Instagram, where it has shared 278 pictures and videos to date, and also has story highlights on its profile where it shares the corporate culture. The company posts a couple of times per week, and the posts get anywhere between 30-50 likes on average and tend to feature the employees at the company.
  1. Jackson Spalding, Atlanta, Georgia. The Jackson Spalding Instagram account as nearly 1500 followers with 735 posts shared to date. The posts are shared at a rate of about once per week and garner between 50-100 likes per picture. All of the content on the account features the company’s corporate culture, and the latest post was shared two weeks ago.
  1. Crosby, Annapolis, Maryland. This is an agency that doesn’t have an Instagram account; however, it does use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where it shares content with its audience at least once per month.
  1. Hunter, New York City, New York. The Instagram account of Hunter PR has over 1500 followers and has shared nearly 300 pictures and videos that mostly feature the employees that work at the agency. The posts get anywhere between 50-200 likes per picture and have a lot of happy faces on them along with many sweet treats, but it lacks any sort of company branding and client marketing.

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