Cecil the Lion Killer’s PR Agency Hired By Sleazy Western Global Airlines

Dr Walter Palmer Cecil Lion Killer

One may think that PR company J. Austin & Associates had enough of Africa, given their previous representation of Dr. Walter Palmer, the killer of Cecil the lion. Austin & Associates worked for the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the Lion during a hunting trip in Zimbabwe.

And if one thinks it doesn’t get better than that, then shockingly Everything-PR has learned that Western Global Airlines, the United States registered airline that had a dead body and millions of South African rand on board their now impounded plane has also hired J. Austin.   Naturally, there is an ongoing investigation, local media has reported that the crew was arrested. Media reports indicated that, “It appears that when the airplane was being refueled at the Zimbabwe’s airport, staff observed that there was blood trickling from the plane and then discovered a suspended dead body.”

Dr Walter Palmer

Simple summary:  If you are a scumbag in the International media in Zimbabwe, hire J. Austin and Associates.   And this airline clearly is not pros at crisis communications, taking a full 36 hours before issuing a statement on behalf of the airlines, which crossed the wires at approximately 530 PM EST Tuesday evening.

The statement reads in part, “We are saddened that a person has lost his life by stowing aboard one of our cargo aircraft. As compared to other forms of transportation, stowaways on airplanes are rare, but almost always result in fatality. In most cases airport security prevents this from happening but it should never be attempted for any reason. We have been working closely with the Zimbabwean authorities as they fully investigate this situation. We appreciate their professionalism and the care they have shown our crew, our cargo and our aircraft. Along with our customer, Network Airline Management, we express our condolences and support the efforts of the Zimbabwean government. We also appreciate the dedication of our crew, the patience of the South African government while awaiting its shipment and the engagement of the U.S. Embassy in Zimbabwe.”

Cecil The Lion fans hounded Dr. Palmer – and J. Austin did less than stellar work there.  Lets hope Western Global Airlines, the sleazy airline with bleeding bodies, dead people and tons of cash hidden fares better.

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