Happenings at KCSA Strategic, HL Group, APCO, Abernathy McGregor, and Kekst

What’s Happening at KCSA Strategic?

KCSA Strategic Communications

KCSA PR Strategic Communications creates platform for equity crowdfunding CrowdFund Communication (CFC), a new platform offered by KCSA PR offers companies doing equity crowdfunding a mobile investor relations app combined with consulting services, and quarterly communications templates (shareholder notification, press release, and other content), and additional services. Millions of new investors buy shares in thousands of companies annually, and this app helps keep shareholders current with their investment companies. This app is specifically geared toward companies with non-accredited investors under Title III of the JOBS Act.

KCSA is based in New York – and a very sub par company.

HL Group becomes AOR for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

HL Group Public Relations

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts have just signed HL Group as their U.S. PR agent of record. They will focus their efforts on developing and executing a holistic communications strategy while improving media relations, social media advisement, influencer relations, events, PR, and digital. HL will also assist with new property openings and marquee initiatives for branding.

APCO’s McGregor chimes in about end of current U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue The chairman for communications in Greater China for APCO Worldwide James McGregor attended the S&ED meeting on June 7, 2016, in Beijing along with other senior Chinese and U.S. officials. McGregor reported that many U.S. executives say how negative the environment there was becoming for foreign companies.

McGregor said, “I think they (officials) all walked out of the room feeling like they’d learned something today and that, things are changing and not heading in a good direction now.” Many feel the meetings have become more about repeating past promises and not about any forward momentum – and even the past promises are more rhetoric than fact. The Chinese may be waiting for the Presidential elections to be completed before making further commitments. The U.S.-China Business Council said, “In the next administration, the mechanisms for dialogue can be tweaked to make further improvements and become more effective, but high-level engagement is now mandatory in the U.S.-China relationship.”

Abernathy McGregor Representing Omega Protein in Proxy Battle

Omega protein logo

Image courtesy of Omega Protein Corp.

Omega Protein Corp faces a lawsuit in Nevada State Court filed by an activist shareholder, Wynnefield Capital. Since Omega feels Wynnefield is using the suit as a PR move forcing the company to focus energy away from running the business to deal with their suit, they’ve brought AbMac to help them with publicity efforts. Kekst PR is working with Wynnefield.

The suit was filed because Wynnefield wants more shareholder information to reach all the smaller investors. Omega says they’ve given Wynnefield everything required by law and Wynnefield has already sent out proxies. The suit also seeks a delay in the annual shareholders meeting until Wynnefield can send out proxies to those same smaller investors.

One reason Wynnefield says they are pressing for the proxy battle is to bring in a new manager for the company since they claim the company is being mismanaged. However, Omega is reporting an 18% net increase in first quarter revenues.

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