Delivering 5-Star Hedge Fund PR

2020-09-03 by EPR Staff

Although there are some similarities between mutual funds and hedge funds, knowing and strategizing for these differences is an important pathway toward achieving success. People generally invest in hedge funds to maximize their returns while minimizing or eliminating risk. Hedge fund PR is an important arm of financial PR, and selecting the right agency to manage a hedge fund PR to reach this audience is critical. Who are some of the best agencies working in that arena? Edelman This global agency has 30 financial staff members available at its New York offices to work with new and existing clients. Some... Read More >

MWWPR, Kekst & 42 West PR News

2020-01-15 by EPR Staff

MWWPR, Kekst & 42 West PR NewsMWWPR, Kekst & 42 West PR Newsv MWWPR retained by KOAR International LLC KOAR International LLC, a real-estate development company based in Los Angeles, has retained MWWPR. It means MWWPR be in charge of all of the PR campaigns and strategies for the LGBTQ luxury senior active-living community, called Living Out Palm Springs.  Living Out Palm Springs is the very first LGBTQ luxury senior active-living community that has been designed, created and invested in by members of the LGBTQ community. The goal of MWWPR is to increase its awareness as well as to generate... Read More >

Happenings at KCSA Strategic, HL Group, APCO, Abernathy McGregor, and Kekst

2016-06-20 by EPR Staff
KCSA Strategic Communications

What's Happening at KCSA Strategic? KCSA PR Strategic Communications creates platform for equity crowdfunding CrowdFund Communication (CFC), a new platform offered by KCSA PR offers companies doing equity crowdfunding a mobile investor relations app combined with consulting services, and quarterly communications templates (shareholder notification, press release, and other content), and additional services. Millions of new investors buy shares in thousands of companies annually, and this app helps keep shareholders current with their investment companies. This app is specifically geared toward companies with non-accredited investors under Title III of the JOBS Act. KCSA is based in New York – and a... Read More >

Volkswagen’s Four PR Firms & Their Ongoing Crisis

2015-11-10 by EPR Staff

The latest emission scandal by Volkswagen severely crippled the company’s growth, shaken the trust of investors, consumers, and, as this article posits, leaves the entire brand of Volkswagen threatened. These are dark days for the company but also a opportunity for to rebrand the company with a new green initiative and more corporate oversight. Four PR firms have been retained to work on the project – led by German firm Hering Schuppener as lead PR counsel, with Finsbury in London and Kekst & Edelman handling North America. The Scandal Last month Volkswagen admitted to rigging 1.8 commercial vehicles with software... Read More >

The Deal Announces 2015’s Top Ranked PR Firms According to M&A Transactions in Q1-Q3

2015-10-30 by EPR Staff
The Deal Magazine

The Deal financial media outlet has just released the latest results in ranking the top firms in mergers and acquisitions for the first 3 quarters of 2015. These deals only reflect transactions of over $100 million which involved a U.S. business. Below are the results for those top PR firms, and some of the deals that earned them their rankings. Joele Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher New York based firm Joele Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher was founded in 2000, and claims the top spot on The Deal’s results, with 88 total deals for 2015. Split evenly between seller and bidder transactions,... Read More >

Strong Investor Relations Firms

2015-10-05 by EPR Staff
Strong Investor Relations

  Investor communications is a critical area. Investor communications develop the most effective two-way communication between the financial community, a company, and other constituents helping to secure the value of the investment. Its practitioners call on a highly specific knowledge base and experiential background. This niche’s set of requirements and necessary understanding of detailed regulations makes this the highest-paid subfield in PR. Essential to the long-term sustainability of corporations, good investor relations are the backbone of any publicly-traded company. What follows is a short list of top investor relations firms: Finsbury. Three years ago, United Kingdom-based financial communications specialist Finsbury... Read More >