Negative PR Didn’t Affect The Hurt Locker’s Oscar Night

2010-03-08 by EPR Staff
Hurt Locker PR

Sometimes negative PR translates into disaster, and sometimes it's nothing but noise. Despite the negative press attracted by the film's producer and financier, Nicolas Chartier, The Hurt Locker dominated the Academy Awards, winning six from its nine nominations, including Best Picture, Best Directing, Film Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing and Original Screenplay. Even more, the movie made history, since Kathryn Bigelow is the first woman ever to win the Academy Award for Best Directing. Accepting the award, Kathryn Bigelow took the opportunity to include in her speech the men and women who inspired the movie: "I would not be standing... Read More >

Will the Real Story Behind Facebook Damn Founder Mark Zuckerberg Forever?

2010-03-05 by EPR Staff
Marck Zuckerberg Facebook Story

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is dealing with some bad press right now, but how long will it last and will it affect his image in the long term? New details regarding the early days of Facebook have been released in a Business Insider article, which outlines email and instant messenger exchanges between Zuckerberg and fellow Harvard students that had recruited him to work on their social network for their school. While Facebook and Zuckerberg had faced legal cases regarding the true origin of the social network for a few years now, the courts always managed to rule in the general... Read More >

FIFA World Cup Marketing Strategies Launched. Today: VISA

2010-02-27 by EPR Staff
World Cup everything-pr

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup a few months away, companies have already begun targeting football (soccer) fans with their advertising, marketing and PR campaigns. A good example is Visa Europe, that released a new TV advertisement this February. As expected, this campaign will run on all possible mediums, from television to wide screens and online. Visa has plans to rent store displays to encourage customers to use their Visa card at point of purchase, and those who do use their cards are eligible for a promotion where every purchase on their card could win a ticket for two for... Read More >

Conan O’Brien and His Monkey in Mission to Conquer Twitter

2010-02-25 by EPR Staff
Conan O'Brien Twitter Monkey

The Facebook army was not enough, now Conan is hoping to get as many tweeps as possible following his every move. What are his plans? With a monkey on his shoulder, Conan O'Brien's made his first contribution on Twitter , and he gained 237,826 followers since. The numbers will certainly increase: the news that Conan O'Brien joined Twitter needs to set in. "Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me." - he twitted. His short Twitter bio reads: "I had a show. Then I had a different show. Now I have a Twitter... Read More >

Scotty Lago Makes Us Ponder, What’s Wrong With the Young Athletes of Today?

2010-02-20 by EPR Staff
Scotty Lago everything-pr

Athletes used to have higher ethics in the past - scandals were rare, by no means comparable with those emerging from the rock'n'roll world of sex and drugs. Yes, we heard the names of the greats a few times, in highlights that didn't exactly honor them, but somehow they managed to keep their careers intact. A better crisis management strategy I guess. The world still remembers Jim Palmer as Jim Palmer, and Bjorn Borg's "transgressions" with a minor are all forgotten. Does anyone still remember what David Cone did in 1989? Or how Cristiano Ronaldo had fun in October 2005?... Read More >

Winter Olympic Flashback 1968

2010-02-13 by EPR Staff
Winter Olympic Flashback 1968

My first Olympic memories came from our first color television set. The year was 1968, a season of many Baby Boomer's lives I am sure most will recall. There were lots of firsts for Olympic competition that year for a generation of people, snapshots of greatness witnessed for this first time in living color for one. That year, the X Winter Olympiad belonged to France, and to a little city in the French Alps called Grenoble. Oh, and it belonged to maybe the greatest alpine Olympian ever too, one Jean-Claude Killy. Telling you what it was like to be transported... Read More >

Vancouver Olympics and the World’s Hopes

2010-02-12 by EPR Staff
Vancouver 2010 everything-pr

The Winter Olympiad in Vancouver Olympics kicks off this evening, amid great expectations and some criticism too. The world's greatest athletes, the hopes of nations, the ideal of athletic competition are set to be showcased in one of Canada's (the world's) greatest cities. But, as in all such human endeavors, there is another side to the human drama of it all. The story of human beings so far beneath the glory and pageantry of Olympic celebration as to be invisible, the downtrodden and homeless of Vancouver and the world. What bigger PR Goof can you imagine? Since I was very... Read More >

John Mayer Demonstrates Personal PR Tactics

2010-02-11 by EPR Staff
john mayer public relations

The media overload can be too much, even for celebrities. Singer and musician John Mayer apologized in a very public and long-winded manner during a performance, offering a tearful regret for things he said in a recent Playboy interview. The whole thing has been recorded and posted on YouTube for the world to see, which is maybe what Mayer wanted. But the artist also said that he would like to take a break from media, suggesting that the constant watch of the public eye can make the maturation process difficult. Making rather insensitive remarks about former girlfriends Jessica Simpson and... Read More >

Check Your Roses for Cocaine This Valentine’s Day

2010-02-10 by EPR Staff
Cocaine in Roses everything-pr

Ah, the sweet smell of roses on Valentine's Day. For most people, however, that smell doesn't usually reek of narcotics. In Amsterdam, Dutch customs officials caught a shipment of cocaine that was being sent to the Netherlands from Colombia in time for Valentine's Day weekend. Now there's a way to express your true love. According to Fox News, the Dutch customs officials found four kilograms of cocaine that had been divided into small packages, wrapped in cellophane and hidden in the cardboard boxes that were being used to ship the drugs. Good thing that shipment had been intercepted. I can... Read More >

Bollywood’s Katrina Kaif Says No Kiss Kiss

2010-02-04 by EPR Staff

The buzz from Bollywood today involves superstar Katrina Kaif's supposed refusal to do onscreen scenes that involve kissing or wearing revealing clothing. The long and short of her new acting mantra? "No kissy, no bikini shots." Kaif has reportedly shunned the idea of doing scenes which she feels are uncomfortable. In fact, based on all the stories coming out today, she always has felt bad about being asked to do such scenes. This could be the best or worst PR movie ever in Bollywood if reports are true. Katrina revealed she never liked doing such revealing or intimate scenes in... Read More >

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