Conan O’Brien and His Monkey in Mission to Conquer Twitter

Conan O'Brien Twitter Monkey

The Facebook army was not enough, now Conan is hoping to get as many tweeps as possible following his every move. What are his plans? With a monkey on his shoulder, Conan O’Brien’s made his first contribution on Twitter , and he gained 237,826 followers since. The numbers will certainly increase: the news that Conan O’Brien joined Twitter needs to set in. “Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me.” – he twitted.

His short Twitter bio reads: “I had a show. Then I had a different show. Now I have a Twitter account.” If you think that his decision is random, think again. A few days ago, the Associated Press reported that Coco intends to take his act in front of the public, live, first with a tour across the US; and later even overseas. Joining Twitter becomes a PR move: what better way to interact with fans directly, in real time, do you know? He’s already secured an army of Facebook followers – keeping Twitter out of the equation is not an option at this point.

It’s not entirely clear what the future will bring for Conan, but one thing is clear: you don’t mess with his fans. They are loyal, proactive and determined to support their hero till the end. The NBC deal boosted Conan’s popularity instead of ending a career. The reaction of the fans was predictable – the unpredictable was their success in reinventing a TV personality into a powerful, online personality.

Conan could use Facebook and Twitter to build his own empire. Then he would only need his own TV show, live, on the Internet. Sponsors would follow, and the site has all chances to becoming the most popular VIP site in no time. What do you think? Should Conan go back on the air with a mainstream TV company, or should he start a solo career, independent of names like FOX and the like?

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