Curt Schilling fired over Facebook comments

2016-05-03 by EPR Staff
Curt Schilling Facebook

When it comes to public relations, there’s often a line between what IS okay and what SHOULD BE okay. Depending on the issue, that line could be wide, with plenty of gray area open to interpretation. But that’s not always the case, so it’s incumbent on a public figure to know where the line is on different issues – or to have a strong PR team ready to go to bat for you when you cross the line. Take a lesson from former MLB star Curt Schilling. Even during his stellar baseball career, Schilling made a name for himself as... Read More >

Prince: The Legacy Of A Brand

2016-04-25 by Ronn Torossian
prince pr

The purple Prince of pop-rock, for a time known only by an enigmatic symbol, is dead. Fans worldwide are reeling, both at the surprise as well as wondering “why” and “how” … two questions that, as of this writing, remain unanswered. Prince was one of the most influential brands in music. A perennial chart-topper in the 80s and 90s, many critics and millions of fans rate his 1984 “Purple Rain” album one of the best of all time from any artist. At 13 times platinum, it’s hard to argue. To his legion of fans – many of whom are platinum... Read More >

Crisis PR: Nintendo Taking Heat for Firing Woman

2016-04-14 by EPR Staff

The gaming industry constantly takes heat for how it treats and interacts with women. From online harassment to Twitter threats to shaming and catcalls on other social media, the issue has only caught fire and doesn’t seem anywhere close to burning out. The antagonists in this case are often Nameless Faceless Masses, but sometimes a big name brand gets tossed into the mix. This time, the brand under fire is Nintendo. The company fired a woman named Alison Rapp last week, a move that immediately sent some people’s neck hair up. Rapp has always been a loud and proud advocate... Read More >

Tiegs Slams SI for Glamorizing Big Women

2016-04-12 by EPR Staff

Even before they released the latest issue of the celebrated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the world was abuzz about SI’s decision to change up the focus of its models this time around. For years now the company has been including more “athletic” body types rather than just bikini model bodies into its publication. For the most part, these decisions have been met with applause. This year, though, the company did something unprecedented. It put a plus-size model on the cover. Well, one of three covers anyway. But just giving consumers a choice touched off a firestorm of controversy. One of... Read More >

Pawn Stars Future Murky After Star’s Arrest

2016-03-30 by EPR Staff
Reality TV

Reality TV has always survived on its wackiest of characters. Behavior that would get you shunned – or fired – in most settings is both encouraged and if you believe some reality TV actors, expected or forced in that sphere. Every season of Survivor has a handful of “bad guys” who most fans love. American Idol had Simon Cowell to berate wannabe pop stars, and The Apprentice had Donald Trump humiliating then firing B-list celebrities. Enter Pawn Stars. This blue-collar cast of Not Quite Bikers run a Vegas-based pawn shop. Each episode people bring in odd bits of this and... Read More >

Tracy Nguyen: Publicist To Kanye West And More

2016-03-24 by EPR Staff
Tracy Nguyen

Kanye West is of course someone everyone has heard of – He is also the husband of Kim Kardashian West, and the father of her two children. But few people outside of the public relations world have heard of Tracy Nguyen Romulus, the publicist for Kanye West. Who She Is Tracy was born in Indonesia but migrated to the United States with her mother at the age of six months. Tracy’s journey across the United States began in California and then to Washington, and later New York, where she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology to study fashion design. Within... Read More >

Will Sharapova’s Ban Hurt Tennis More Than Her?

2016-03-18 by EPR Staff
Maria Sharapova Drug scandal

There’s no doubt, Maria Sharapova’s golden child image has taken a blow in recent weeks. When the story of doping allegations hit the news, the tennis star, most well-known for her poise in endorsements rather than her poise on the court, had a serious PR crisis on her hands. When your brand is your image, any whiff of a cheating or doping scandal becomes headline news. The five-time Grand Slam champion did herself plenty of favors in the early going, though, coming right out and admitting her faults and asking for forgiveness. In a second solid PR move, Sharapova gave... Read More >

Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West: The PR Showdown

2016-03-09 by EPR Staff
Taylor vs Kanye

Taylor Swift and Kanye West are publicity geniuses. As two of the most popular performers of their generation, they always seem to be in the public eye. Their feud has garnered no shortage of media attention over the years, but its most recent development may be the most scandalous yet. Swift’s 2016 Grammy for Best Album of the Year gave her an opportunity to take a swing at West, whose critique of her at the 2013 Grammys is now legendary. Since both stars are making headlines again, here’s a look at what’s working -- and what’s not -- in their... Read More >

Erin Andrews Key Hole: Comparative Censorship

2016-03-07 by EPR Staff
erin andrews threats

Erin Andrews News Update: Andrews was awarded $55 Million dollars in the case. Andrews is currently seeking $75 Million dollars in her Peeping Tom Video Lawsuit. She broke down in court today and says "I think about it every day" - What are your thoughts on the ESPN, Peeping Tom and Erin Andrews situation? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! News that ESPN's Erin Andrews was victimized by a peeping tom has gone viral on the Web. The beautiful sports announcer/celebrity was changing in her hotel room, when someone apparently filmed her nude through the keyhole and published the... Read More >

The Power of Impromptu Celebrity Endorsement

2016-02-16 by EPR Staff
Celebrity Endorsement

The Super Bowl is the high point of sports in the country. Many Americans think of the Super Bowl as an unofficial national holiday, and it’s second only to Thanksgiving as the largest day of food consumption in America. But one feature the Super Bowl is also well-known for the ads big companies preview for fans. Super Bowl ads have become such a big part of pop culture that even people with little care for football still watch the game to see what kind of ads companies offer. Companies pay a hefty price for this honor, ranging from $4.5 to... Read More >

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