Is There True Value in Facebook Advertising?

2012-07-31 by EPR Staff

What is the real value of a Facebook ad? When Rory Cellan-Jones set up a fake bagel company on Facebook last month, to measure impact and value of Facebook advertising, his findings were not very encouraging. His quest for "likes" revealed that ads are shown to some obscure users, some whose profiles seemed to be fake. This raises the question, is Facebook a viable ad platform? Rory Cellan-Jones VirtualBagel experiment is faulted in many ways. He targeted people to most likely to "like" the page, regardless of their geographical location, age, interest, and so on. For a campaign to be... Read More >

#VisaGoWorld Social Media Campaign A Worldwide Success

2012-07-29 by EPR Staff

Before the official opening of the London Olympic Games, Visa announced that its outstanding Go World campaign has already generated over 28 million cheers, from all over the world, with the most active countries being the United States, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Australia. [caption id="attachment_36891" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Go World is a social campaign, that brings fans closer to Team Visa athletes.[/caption] Go World is Visa's boldest social media campaigns, and was met with unprecedented enthusiasm. The purpose of the campaign was to inspire people to support "Team Visa" athletes. Since the campaign launched in May, fans have cheered... Read More >

dwinQ Creates Hyper-Social Olympic Experience for Cadbury Fans

2012-07-27 by EPR Staff
Cadbury House

dwinQ was selected by Cadbury to create an interactive social media experience at its Olympic Games presence, Cadbury House. [caption id="attachment_36836" align="aligncenter" width="575"] dwinQ will be activating the Cadbury House interactive experience in Hyde Park during the 2012 Olympic Games (Photo: Cadbury on Facebook)[/caption] Cadbury, an official London 2012 sponsor, expects over 50,000 people to visit its exhibit in Hyde Park. dwinQ will equip the Cadbury House with a variety of kiosk, roving photographers, check-in stations, and Like boxes all connected directly to guest Facebook accounts through RFID enabled VIP badges. This will allow visitors to capture and share their... Read More >

Extole’s New Platform Leverages Facebook Open Graph to Socialize Customer Experience

2012-07-19 by EPR Staff

Extole recently announced the next generation of its Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) platform, which includes full Facebook Open Graph enablement, new Social Expressions and advanced Social Analytics. T-Mobile, Vogue, Zazzle, Seamless, Folica and TastingRoom.com are among the 200+ leading brands harnessing the new Open Graph capabilities for increased word of mouth marketing across social networks like Facebook. According to Brad Klaus, Founder and CEO of Extole: “There is a fundamental shift taking place in social marketing. Marketers are realizing that a brand-focused approach of pushing out messages on social networks isn’t, in fact, social. The next wave of social marketing is about... Read More >

Need to Register to Vote? Do it Via Facebook.

2012-07-19 by EPR Staff

[caption id="attachment_36485" align="aligncenter" width="576"] If you live in Washington, you can register to vote, view a personalized voter guide and track your ballot at www.myvote.wa.gov[/caption] What can’t we do through Facebook? We can watch movies, host parties, donate to charities and engage in various other activities as the list of our virtual persona capabilities expands. To me, it seems logical that we would be able to register to vote via Facebook. In an effort to encourage younger people to vote, the state of Washington will be the first to offer Facebook voter registration. The MyVote app, developed by Microsoft may be available... Read More >

Facebook Tops Record-low Score in Customer Satisfaction

2012-07-17 by EPR Staff
Facebook News

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Facebook is the lowest-scoring e-business company, suffering the largest decline in customer satisfaction from all social media entities. ACSI released a study that shows that Facebook plunged 8% to 61 on a 100-point scale, setting a new record-low score for the Social Media category. According to the report, Facebook is among the five lowest-scoring companies of more than 230 measured by the ACSI. Compared to Facebook, main rival Google+ scored an impressive 78%, mainly because of the absence of ads, and a better mobile product. In relation to Facebook, main users' complaints... Read More >

Facebook Is a Must for Marketers, but Not Necessarily through Ads

2012-06-27 by EPR Staff
facebook logo

All marketers agree that you need to be present on popular social network Facebook, but not necessarily to promote yourself using their ad system, as a new Ad Age study conducted in conjunction with Citigroup indicates. 658 subscribers responded to Ad Age's survey, all positioning themselves as decision-makers in social marketing strategy. In fact, there respondents were 34% marketers, 34% agency execs, 13% media execs, and the rest consisted of other professionals in the marketing field. Other important facts revealed by this survey are that there is quite a lot of confusion when it comes to how to calculate ROI... Read More >

Dinamundo iPhone App Makes for Fun Real-Life Interactions

2012-06-15 by EPR Staff

Dinamundo App for iPhone, the brainchild of former Expedia, Inc. CEO, Erik Blachford, is a free social check-in app that encourages real-world human connections with comedy. Dinamundo won financing from True Ventures early stage venture capital firm. The free app asks a friend to scan a custom Dinamundo QR code to reveal a funny "fortune cookie." With each scan, customers receive humorous fortunes written by professional comedians such as Sam Morril (@sammorril), a Comedy Central 2011 "Comic to Watch", and Avery Monsen (@averymonsen), co-author of "All My Friends Are Dead.” Fortunes are short situational quips like: "As long as you... Read More >

Ads and Content on Facebook Lead to Spike in Sales

2012-06-12 by EPR Staff

People that are exposed to paid content and ads on Facebook are more likely to buy products from the brand doing the advertising, according to a new study released today. ComScore’s "The Power of Like 2" research report goes to show that social media advertising is useful in achieving marketing objectives like reach, brand resonance, and ultimately sales. The study was conducted on two groups of Starbucks and Target fans, one exposed to organic brand content, and another one that hasn’t been and followed their activity for four weeks. The results showed that the of the group exposed to content... Read More >

Facebook Announces a Couple of New Features and Plans a Smartphone

2012-05-28 by EPR Staff
facebook logo

After the IPO and the decrease in value of stock actions that followed, Facebook fights back with heavy artillery and announces games in feeds, rolls out “trending videos” and plans to launch a smartphone in 2013. Yup, that’s right, three announcements one after another all targeting different areas and users/companies. Let’s take them one by one. Facebook launched a feature allowing users to try new games directly in the news feeds. According to the official announcement, feed gaming enables developers to share a playable version of their game within news feed and timeline stories, reaching new users through some of... Read More >

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