Alan Nierob: The PR Wizard for Caitlyn Jenner

2015-07-20 by EPR Staff
Caitlyn Jenner

Alan Nierob is a power player at the PR firm Rogers and Cowan in Hollywood, who handles Public Relations for Caitlyn Jenner. Rogers and Cowan’s website declares they are the first in a number of their areas of specialization, and now they can also claim to be a first with celebrity transgender PR. Nierob was brought on board to help with the PR as Jenner prepared for a big transition. Beginning his PR work in December 2014 after rumors had been flying regarding Jenner’s appearance and reported doctor visits, Nierob took control. For several years, Jenner seemed to be the... Read More >

Leaked Commercials Of The Super Bowl

2015-02-02 by EPR Staff
super bowl 2015 commercial

A single commercial being run on this year's Super Bowl would cost roughly $4.5 million for just 30 short seconds of airtime. In 2014, it was only $4 million for a 30 second ad. The Super Bowl is known for reaching millions upon millions of viewers across the globe. This year specifically has a couple new surprises and definitely changes that the other years didn't have. The battle for which company has the best commercial is always competitive, especially since advertisers try to capitalize off the time of the year when people actually sit down and look forward to watching the... Read More >

CelebCalls Launches Online Celebrity Greeting Platform with Exclusive Contests from Charlie Sheen, Dr. Phil and other Celebrities

2013-12-03 by EPR Staff
Snoop Dogg

CelebCalls, a state-of-the art greeting platform that allows consumers to create personalized celebrity voice messages and direct calls, announces today the launch of their platform and mobile app. In celebration of the launch CelebCalls is is exclusively offering 12 unique contests for their users which include winning a date with Justin Bieber, a walk-on role on Charlie Sheen’s television show Anger Management and a trip to LA to meet Dr. Phil and be in his live studio audience. CelebCalls is an easy-to-use electronic technology where users can send custom phone calls from celebrities to family and friends. With CelebCalls, users... Read More >

Paid to Post: the Facebook/Twitter Model

2012-03-13 by EPR Staff
Social Media Roles

Make money online is one of the most searched terms online, serving up millions of results, each more puzzling than the other. From MLM get rich quick schemes, to pay-per-post opportunities for bloggers, there's nothing new under the sun, and nothing can surprise us anymore. When it comes to social media, however, many have hoped to keep things transparent, and genuine. A lost cause, as you will soon realize. Last year in August, eMarketer ran a feature called How Valuable Are Social Media Sponsorships? The conclusions of that study were that blog posts and videos were the mentions with the... Read More >

PR Stunts: Playing Games with the Press

2012-03-12 by EPR Staff
Giraffe Bread

PR stunts are the one thing celebrities and brands rely on to get them those extra column inches. They are an effective and fairly easy way to grab the attention of the media, create controversy and get everyone talking. Sometimes it is obvious that the stunt was just that, and is either applauded for its creativity or scathed for its unsubtly but sometimes no one is quite sure whether it was a stunt or not. These are the events which get media coverage repeated again and again as the debate goes on to whether they are genuine news stories or... Read More >

Kim Kardashian Strips for Skechers’ Super Bowl Ad

2011-02-05 by EPR Staff
Kim Kardashian Skechers Ad

The fans look forward to Super Bowl commercials almost as much as the game itself. This year brings some of the hottest names in show biz on screen: Justin Bieber, Ozzy Osbourne, Kim Kardashian… Yes, Kim Kardashian, recently the subject of another “nudity and fame” editorial, strips again, this time not for “W” magazine, but for Sketchers’ Super Bowl ad. More than 30 advertisers tomorrow will air about 60 TV commercials. The estimated cost for the “fun” is about $3 million per 30 seconds of ad time. And there are high hopes for these ads: they’ll be seen by more... Read More >

Nudity and Fame: The Kim Kardashian “W” Magazine Story

2011-01-31 by EPR Staff
Kim Kardashian W Magazine

Kim Kardashian was famous long before last year's "W" magazine issue, where she graced the cover with an artsy visual of her naked body, silver painted. What brought her fame was not a reality show, but a Playboy spread. As ratings grow low, the history is repeating: sex and nudity always sell. As expected, the magazine featuring a nude Kim Kardashian photographed full-frontal by artist Barbara Kruger made waves - and it still does. Despite how fast things like these sell, there's always a story behind what first meets the eye. Since Stefano Tonchi took over "W" as editor in... Read More >

PR Genius: Oprah Winfrey

2010-09-18 by EPR Staff
Oprah Winfrey PR Genius everything-pr

Oprah Winfrey surprised 50 brides-to-be on her daytime talk show giving them Vera Wang wedding gowns. For those of you who don't know yet, Vera Wang has made wedding dresses for Chelsea Clinton, Alyssa Milano, Elin Nordegren, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, Victoria Beckham, Khloe Kardashian, Sharon Stone, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Uma Thurman and many other celebrities. Imagine being a bride-to-be and receiving a dress signed Vera Wang. Now that will make your day! Never mind that the whole purpose of the show was to introduce Wang's new budget-collection, called White, that will... Read More >

Kim Kardashian’s PR Reality Show

2010-08-04 by EPR Staff
Kim Kardashian Public Relations

They day quite a few PR professionals have dreaded is finally getting closer - the Kim Kardashian produced E! PR reality show featuring her male BFFs (best friend forever for those not in the know) Simon Huck and Jonathan Cheban will premier on August 22nd, according to a freshly released E! announcement. Called “The Spin Crowd”, the show will include eight half-hour episodes in this initial season focusing on the life of Huc and Cheban and their work at the Command PR agency targeting the world of celebrity buzz. This show was first annunonces last year in August and at... Read More >

Kim Kardashian, Twitter and The Law

2010-01-14 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

Twitter. What is it, really? A blog? A chat room? An email system? The ability to support so many types of conversation streams without having to invest a deep personal relationship with the service itself is the prime trait that Twitter has harnessed. And that could lead some of us in some very hot water. The fluidity of a service like Twitter creates a grey area which can be left to interpretation, by pundits, social media experts, journalists and individual users. Lawyers and judges, however, may soon get in on this debate. The legal issues that can arise from a... Read More >