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Leaked Commercials Of The Super Bowl

A single commercial being run on this year’s Super Bowl would cost roughly $4.5 million for just 30 short seconds of airtime. In 2014, it was only $4 million for a 30 second ad. The...

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Paid to Post: the Facebook/Twitter Model

Are sponsored social mentions more effective than traditional ads? This is a matter of debate. Generally speaking, it all depends on the purpose. Traditional ads have a more powerful subliminal effect, while sponsored social mentions bring immediate results.

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PR Stunts: Playing Games with the Press

A look at PR stunts by Everything PR contributor Thorpe Breaks: PR stunts are the one thing celebrities and brands rely on to get them those extra column inches.

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Kim Kardashian’s PR Reality Show

The day real PR pros have hoped would never come is here. Kim Kardashian’s E! PR reality show “The Spin Crowd” featuring her male BFFs and “PR gurus” Simon Huck and Jonathan Cheban will premier on August 22nd, according to a freshly released E! announcement.