Leaked Commercials Of The Super Bowl

super bowl 2015 commercial

A single commercial being run on this year’s Super Bowl would cost roughly $4.5 million for just 30 short seconds of airtime. In 2014, it was only $4 million for a 30 second ad. The Super Bowl is known for reaching millions upon millions of viewers across the globe. This year specifically has a couple new surprises and definitely changes that the other years didn’t have. The battle for which company has the best commercial is always competitive, especially since advertisers try to capitalize off the time of the year when people actually sit down and look forward to watching the commercials. An estimated 110 million people are expected to watch this year’s Super Bowl.

For a lot of women who aren’t huge fans of football, the commercials are basically all that they look forward to viewing, and the advertisers capitalize off of this well by creating astonishing and out of this world commercials. Several advertisers are willing to pay millions of dollars for just a regional ad. The online news website, Buzzfeed, will be going for a regional advertisement, which is still costly.

The importance of these ads is so detrimental to the Super Bowl with it practically becoming a tradition. Public relations professionals utilize the Super Bowl to analyze marketing, proper product placement, use of celebrities, and other aspects to help their clientele better their marketing.

Leaked Super Bowl Ads

Plenty of the ads that will be airing have already been shared on the web and across TV news station. With numerous new companies advertising this year and a lot less common marketing styles, everybody will see something different. For example, there will be a lot less raunchy ads. There is only one expected commercial that plans on showcasing a woman almost naked, and there will also be less car ads during this year.

Several new companies are also making their debut this year. The website Wix.com is going to be showcasing a new advertisement with their websites; Buzzfeed will be going for a regional ad, and other brands like The Verg, Loctite, and Mophie will be debuting this year.

Want to look at a few of the leaked Super Bowl Ads? Here is a couple of them for your pleasure:

Bud Light

Bud Light’s popular hashtag, “UpForWhatever” created a big stir because of taking one person and practically changing his life doing exciting and fun things with celebrities and public figures. This year’s video is no different.


Skittles takes on Kurt Warner and adds him to their first ever Super Bowl Ad. The scene of Kurt living in Skittles sure does make the taste of Skittles a dream. A perfectly interesting ad for the Super Bowl.


This commercial is aimed toward the Father’s and everybody else to appreciate the big man of the house. It is a beautifully crafted ad made by Dove to showcase their quality products for men.

T-Mobile Starring Kim Kardashian

T-Mobile is causing quite the stir with Kim Kardashian’s hilarious ad talking about utilizing all of your date to view her photos and stay up to date with her life.

Victoria’s Secret Angels

Catch the Angels of the brand beautifully showcasing their football skills reminding the men in the world to get their amazing women a unique gift from Victoria’s Secret.

The Super Bowl is a time when advertising reaches its ultimate level. Nobody other than those at the Super Bowl on any level of marketing is advertising for such a short period of time for such a huge amount of cash.

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