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Lynn Tilton Vs the Treasury – Hear No, See No, Do No Good

America’s future should not be in the hands of a few huge corporations, “in pocket” politicians, but in the best hands to overcome the country’s problems, the people’s. 30 million Americans CAN do something about job creation and uplifting a country, a world. Lynn Tilton, and other experts with good ideas, are not being listened to. You are not being listened to.

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Euro Decline Can’t Overshadow Value, Focus Trier Germany

With the euro in upheaval several avenues of investment will certainly become more viable. A look at local developments in Trier, Germany reveals a lot about what some investment visionaries call “community entitlement,” or the need to build the system back from the ground up. This is not as complex as many imagine, especially not with the help of community.

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Your Economy Is Not Recovering, But Trying To Gasp for Air

It’s tough to admit our economic situation is really our own fault. The average citizen of any country just plays along as long as they get the drippings from the table of the wealthy. But, what happens when the drippings stop? When billionaire investors like Lynn Tilton use terms like “beyond repair” to describe our course, what does this mean?

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Focus Jesup Georgia and Lynn Tilton’s Rebuilding of America

Wall Street’s involvement in our economic woes is now begining to be seen fully. Big time investment in big business has put all of America’s eggs in the wrong basket. Focusing on small towns in America, like Jesup, Georgia for instance, can open a window into what Wall Street innovator Lynn Tilton professes; “Rebuilding America – One Company at a Time – One Job at a Time,” could alter America’s course – one town at a time too.

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Lynn Tilton, Wall Street’s Last American Hero

Wall Street may need a savior rather than a hero, but these days we will all take even a hero. Lynn Tilton made her millions the old fashioned way, by building rather than tearing down. Her latest innovation? The Stila 4.0 super makeup case – multi-media salon.