Your Economy Is Not Recovering, But Trying To Gasp for Air

Lynn Tilton CEO

Its about time for a short and sweet “how to” for average Americans and other people in the world affected by the bitter economic situation. Like Ronald Reagan one said; “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” He won the Presidency off this suggestion, but for you the question goes farther back, say 10 years. By the way, your answer is no, many know this already. Read on cuz you should too.

Let’s not get too complicated here, let’s just say what it is. You are worse off because you let a couple of things happen (actually a bunch of them). First, you allowed your government to help big and small businesses send everything America once made to China. Well, not just China, but any place Walmart could get your junk made at pennies on the dollar. Thousands of small businesses went under over the years, and millions upon millions lost their jobs. Period.

Sure, there is some back and forth on this, but the basics tell the story – America traded its dream to get a cheaper Tickle Me Elmo doll. Boy did we save on that one, the China move I mean – Yeeehaah, that would be great if even the poor man in China were better off – another story – but for the rest of us? The latest from Omana and company? The economy is recovering – sure it is. That image up there, the mashup. There are three people in it we may be able to trust, can you guess which ones?

An iPhone in the Bush

Next President Bush and his army of Comancheros  figured out how little you and I cared about what they did. As long as a big GM 4 x 4 or two was parked in the yard smack full of Walmart tricycles and playsets, America was caught between “wanting” more cheap goodies – gotta roll back dem prices – and a war on terror which quickly became an economic terror. Oh, then America’s love affair with sticking its head in the ground like an ostrich tells Wall Street; “Go ahead make my day, and way you want, just make it.” No holds barred, grab a billion if you can, as long as I get my home and auto loan. Any you were worried about the drug war? We asked for it just like overextending ourselves for you guessed it, more Walmart junk and not one but two iPhones.

Fast forward to Goldman Sachs and 100 Ponzi schemes, the SEC, China threatening Obama over who he meets, climate change, blah blah. We are in a fix. The big problem with this “fix” though, is that the long term will be much worse AND you do not believe it.  I did an article the other day about a small town in South Georgia. One of thousands of such places abandoned by decent investment, and as Wall Street’s only viable spokesperson these days, Lynn Tilton summed our situation up:

“I hope my repeated words will highlight the increasingly dangerous disconnect between the real economy and the financial markets, the devastating damage inflicted upon this nation’s industrial base and the rapid inroads to recovery that must have priority above all financial legislation. The heart, soul and salvation of our nation has never, and will never, reside on Wall Street, a fact which will grow increasingly clear as the negligence, scheming and depravity behind financial losses continue to unfold. However, if we do not soon recognize the import of industry to the rebuilding of America, and take action, we will soon be a nation beyond repair.”

Truth Only Has One Form

When is the last time you hear a Wall Street billionaire, any billion or million person, use the term “beyond repair?” If nothing else Tilton’s terminology adds tons of credibility to her ideas and intent – credibility being what we need most now. Look at her latest ideas on what is needed, see if you recognize the idea of “cold hard reality” in this press release (and it’s not just Tilton). While your government spend another several million dollars prosecuting Goldman Sachs for something that should have never happened in the first place (maybe a paperclip got in the was of penning a safeguard here?), Lynn and other visionaries are fighting a battle to rescue our little behinds. But, Uh Oh! Even though the 4 x 4 sport utility got repoed, though the house payment is 3 months behind – gotta run get a Walmart fix. Old Sam’s “Made in America” dogma, a little more than a lie.

Do some thinking people. I know it’s hard, you got worries a plenty. But, to use the excuse, “What can little ole me do about it?” That is where your sport utility went to, that is why your neighbor moved out in the middle of the night, that is why some poor boy is laying at Arlington now, so you could whine about being helpless – oh yeah. READ, comment, think positive but be guarded. Try and understand people like Lynn Tilton, people who love making money, but do not feel the need to steal it. There is a way out of this stituation. I doubt it is by using the same methods that got us here – how about you?

Turning Around Requires Stopping First

Okay, it was not that “short and sweet, but “Are you better off?” Let me give you two exercises for improving your situation. First, go to Walmart (or anywhere else now) and find a product – just one – made in the USA. Hell, find one made in Germany. That should take you about half a day. Now think; “Hey what if some poor bastard in the good ole USA made all this junk?”

Second, imagine paying $2 more even. Imagine say Lynn Tilton buying out some dying US business and it costing you a measly $2 more for a lipstick for instance. Would Tilton or any investor guarantee USA made products if you wanted them? You damn skippy. Mutliply 3 million jobs (from the report up there) times say $30,000 a year in employee earnings. What is that, $90 billion bucks in new lipsticks or something? And our leaders hire so called “bean counters?” They cannot count for beans. Phil out for now.

Remembering is often too late

His memory may be yours now or later

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