Dumbest Press Releases of the Year


Hillary’s Scooby Van Stops and Blunders

Hillary Clinton’s take out at a Chipotle in Iowa received over the top bad PR this week. Apparently, in the dark – wearing sunglasses like their top Dem candidate – Hillary’s PR team was counting on the fact that no one would recognize her. They also did not account for the fact that Hillary would be videotaped ordering while attending her cellphone, not speaking to the help, and not leaving a tip. It was a bad PR day for the Hillary Team.

gwyenth paltrow food stamps

Gwyneth Paltrow Failed SNAP Challenge 

Apparently no one on Twitter cared that Gwyneth wanted to take Mario Batali’s Food Bank Challenge – 3 years later. Gwyneth’s Twitter fans were not impressed and her PR team is likely hiding because of responding Tweets like this: It’s so cool how celebs (Gwyneth Paltrow) can challenge themselves to live off a food stamp budget like it’s a game or something. AND – Trying to be one of the [people] Gwyneth Paltrow used her $29 food bank allowance to buy limes, cilantro & parsley. Forgot the Patron, I guess.

samsung buying fans

Samsung Buying 500 Fans

Samsung gave 500 people – looking under 20 and student-like – about $4.80 to attend a press event for the release of its new Samsung S6 Edge according to the China Times. So what happened that Samsung’s PR team did not anticipate? The recruits took pictures of the S6 Edge with their iPhones!

comcast lies

Comcast Customer Service Fib

Before purchasing a home in Kitsap County, Washington, Seth Morabito took the word of a Comcast customer service representative that service would not be a problem and that the home was wired for a connection. Turns out, the closest connection was 2,500 feet away and would cost Seth $60,000 to install. This was an important detail since Seth was planning on working from his home. Now, Comcast is faced with a bold-faced PR lie to address. And, Seth has to sell and move.

become AA american apparel model

American Apparel’s Model Recruitment Tactics

A leaked email has disclosed the recent efforts of American Apparel to recruit models of its clothing. The company has received backlash from it models on Twitter in response to an email that said only ‘real models’ would be hired and not ‘Instagram hoes or THOTS’ in an effort at rebranding. THOTS is an acronym for ‘that ho over there’ and the company’s PR team is yet again scrambling to take corrective measures like it did back in the “Hurricane Sandy Sale” days.

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