Cinemagraphs, the New Trend in Online Advertising

Beats of the southern wildA rather new type of animated gif is taking online advertising by storm. Cinemagraphs, innovative gifs where only a part of the image moves while the rest remains still, replayed over and over as any other type of gif, are ready to bring a new wave of online banners and display campaigns.

Cinemagraphs are excellent for social media sites like Twitter and tumblr where people retweet and reshare great content. A catchy ad might be a success today, and then keep being promoted for months or remembered for years.

Moreover, tumblr, which, as we mentioned here, decided to also focus on businesses, has Tumblr Radar  where advertisers can promote their branded cinemagraphs, with spots starting at $25,000 a day.

There are already a number of big companies that have used animated gifs to promote their brands. Among these big names are adidas, Coca Cola, Puma, American Apparel, MTV, and even movies like “Beasts of the Southern Wild” and others. I must say I for one really like Coca-Cola’s ad and I think it could be a success in the next summer. It was a big hit this year, reaching a total of 35,000 notes in the first day, then 60,000 in the next one and continuing to get more notes in the following days.

Coca Cola Cinemagraph

”When people say they want to use video, I actually do tend to encourage them to use the animated GIF,” said Tumblr’s Director of Product Danielle Strle,. “It’s such a magical format – it’s all the visual and immediacy of video, without the barrier to entry of the play button.”

The truth of the matter is that good advertising, regardless of the channel, always brings success in terms of awareness. Embracing this trend, using cinemagraphs in online ads, at least on some channels, could prove to be a really inspired move for some companies and brands. Also, any brands wanting to be known as always being connected with everything new should consider using this type of ads in their campaigns.

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