Marketing Mediums

2021-04-07 by JamesD

Marketing is more than most people think it is. There are so many ways to present a campaign or a brand in the marketing world that it can be hard to decide which one is best. Some traditional marketing mediums include print, radio, television and direct mail. Online mediums can include email, pay per click, social media and search engine marketing. Traditional Mediums There are many ways to present a campaign in a traditional medium. One traditional method of delivery is in print. Magazines, newspapers and direct to consumer mail in ads are all examples of print marketing. Radio marketing... Read More >

Challenges in Marketing

2021-04-06 by JamesD

With the advent of social media and online marketing, new and unique challenges have appeared in the marketing industry. When a brand is building a marketing plan, several things must be addressed to make the campaign successful.  Some things to consider include brand purpose and message, marketing in the middle of a global pandemic, budget, and marketing medium. Is the brand best marketed online, in paper, tv or radio? Some brands or products are extremely demonstrable and must be seen to be appreciated, other brands (services perhaps) may benefit most from a 2 page spread in a magazine. Message and... Read More >

Tips for Personalized Campaigns

2021-04-05 by Julio Juarez

Big brands and corporations are long past the point of realizing that they need to invest in personalization and personalized campaigns. Considering the fact that society has moved on from turning into cable TV to Netflix and Spotify instead of the radio, the public craves curated content that largely fits their interests. Nearly all consumers have reported they’re a lot more likely to make purchases from companies that provide their audiences with customized recommendations and offers, while over half stated that if the content is not personalized, they might not make a purchase. All the research has shown brands have... Read More >

Privacy and Authenticity Matter

2021-04-05 by Julio Juarez

Out of seven different topics, privacy and authenticity emerged as growing concerns among people polled this July by Merkle's global performance marketing agency. Why do these matter? They matter because consumer attitudes have been evolving in large part because of the pandemic. The privacy issue is perplexing because much attention has been focused lately on brands needing to tailor messages to customers for greater success. Not having enough information handicaps brands from doing this. Yet, 50% of those polled believe brands already know too much about them. Just 16% felt brands didn’t have enough information. On the other hand, the... Read More >

Why Buyer Personas Are So Important

2021-04-05 by Ronn Torossian
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Trying to determine the right buyer personas can be as challenging as celebrity judges trying to determine who the masked singer is. That popular Fox Network show thrives on keeping everyone guessing. However, that’s not a good place for marketers to be in. As diverse as the two may be, there is common ground between them. Making the correct identification is the key to winning. For marketers, good buyer personas inform marketers on not just who their best customers are or might be, but what challenges, issues or problems they have, and how they’re presently trying to resolve them. In... Read More >

Marketing Essentials for Local Businesses

2021-04-02 by Jim Crickell
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The pandemic negatively affected businesses, both large and small. Many shuttered their stores, some permanently. One of the positive things that came out of this was a call from many consumers and organizations to shop and support locally. Cited as reasons to support local merchants was the fact that they hire locally, so the money remains in the community and makes for a stronger local economy. Another strong argument is that shopping locally strengthens local relationships and makes for a closer community. The American Independent Business Alliance even suggested that local merchants are more prone to carry locally produced goods.... Read More >

The Importance Of Online Reputation

2021-03-18 by Jim Crickell
online reputation

“A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was,” said Joseph Hall, 16th-century British bishop and writer. In today’s world of social media where just about everyone is a reporter and critic, it’s difficult for brands not to be a target of criticism. Add to that the Wall Street frenzy in late January when a group of amateur traders used Reddit to send GameStop shares skyrocketing, forcing popular trading app, Robinhood, to tap credit lines and scurry around for an additional $1 billion in funds to... Read More >

Social Media Marketing Basics

2021-03-11 by JamesD

Many businesses, especially smaller ones and startups, often try to do social media marketing for the business, but they tend to be unfocused in all their efforts, as they haven’t defined the brand’s campaign. Without a clearly defined social media marketing campaign, these businesses will never know if the campaign was successful, if it reached the right people, or if it achieved any of the goals, big or small, that the company had for growth. Without a goal in mind, businesses won’t know whether their social media marketing campaigns hit their targets. Some of the most common goals for social... Read More >

Avoid These Marketing Activities

2021-03-09 by Julio Juarez
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In this digital era, all it takes for a business to take off is a sound digital marketing strategy. To create it, marketers need to know all of the essentials about developing a digital marketing strategy, but they should know which strategies to avoid even more importantly. For example, marketers understand that all social media platforms should have content on them. Still, they should avoid distributing every single piece of content on every platform, as each one of them has its own audiences, with their own demands and expectations. One of the essentials for all businesses in this age is... Read More >

Basics of Creating Key Messages

2021-03-08 by Ronn Torossian
Beaumont communications Lausanne developing key messages

It’s not always easy to communicate with a target audience  to make sure that the company’s point comes across the right way. That’s why businesses develop core messages that they hone and reiterate to the target audience so that people remember those ideas. Whenever a company decides to discuss certain issues, these types of messages can create meaning for the audience. They also provide a way for businesses to control their communication efforts and improve their relationship with the target audience, while also being relevant in PR campaigns. Key messages are an essential tool for businesses and can be used... Read More >

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