Marketing for pet products

2022-02-08 by EPR Staff
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

With an increase in animal ownership, more people are looking to buy food and toys for their pets. The increase in pet product buying has also resulted in more consumers moving online to purchase items for their pets. There are some proven marketing strategies that can be used to reach more pet owners, and to sell more pet products and services. Given below are five ways to effectively market pet products. 1) Identify the target audience - It is important to understand audiences deeply, including what motivates them and what levels of disposable income they have. This knowledge should influence every marketing... Read More >

The Importance of High-Quality Data in Marketing Campaigns

2022-02-07 by EPR Staff
Tricks for Launching Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Successful marketing campaigns are defined by high-quality data that are already available to companies. That data is what helps companies evaluate their market position, learn about the target audience and trends, build effective strategies, and drive growth. It also helps them identify any potential opportunities for growth, or any possible risks. However, if the data that’s being used to inform marketing campaigns is wrong in any way, companies will make bad decisions that result in bad targeting, high costs, and unhappy customers. None of those things are able to drive growth for companies, and even technologies such as machine learning... Read More >

Marketing to tweens

2022-02-01 by EPR Staff

Today’s tweens live in a media-rich environment, and are used to more types of media than ever before. They grow up with the internet, and can access information as fast and as easily as their curiosity demands. Nowadays, tweens are obsessive about sharing information on social media. They are as interested in discovering information as they are in sharing it. When it comes to tweens, there are two consumers to appeal to: the child and the parent. When marketing to tweens, the following must be considered. 1) Create engaging videos - Content marketing to tweens through YouTube videos is one of the... Read More >

Google Discovery Ads Campaign

2022-02-01 by EPR Staff
logo Google Ads 192px max 200x200 1

Whenever a company decides to create an advertising campaign, it should also define the goals of the campaign . Certain campaigns might be created to increase website traffic, while others might be intended to raise brand awareness.  There are also advertising campaigns that are specifically designed  to reach audiences that have been primed to convert, and that’s precisely where Google’s Discovery Ads can help. Google’s Discovery ads are personalized and visually engaging ads that appear in Google feeds on the search engine’s app, YouTube, and Gmail. The goal of these ads is to reach target audiences when they’re ready to... Read More >

Email Newsletters from Brands

2022-01-29 by EPR Staff
email marketing everything-pr

Many consumers have stated that they find email newsletters to be a great way for companies to communicate with them.  Yet many people tend to find those same newsletters manipulative. These perspectives are largely based on poor email marketing practices from companies, because a lot of the newsletters that businesses send out are irrelevant. According to research, most consumers in the US check their email at least once a day, while over half check it at least three times every day. Yet despite those high numbers, nearly half of respondents to the research reported having over 50 unread emails in... Read More >

Protecting Consumers and Websites

2022-01-28 by EPR Staff
Using Consumer Reviews and Influencer Marketing to Boost PR

According to research, the number of data breaches has been steadily increasing in the last few years. There are certain industries, such as healthcare and government, that are particularly vulnerable to data breaches. According to data, when it comes to the healthcare industry in particular, breaches have increased by nearly 60%. While there are no well-defined warning signs or solutions for website breaches, understanding what the threat entails, as well as learning the best ways to prevent and deal with a breach, can benefit any company. A data breach is considered to have taken place anytime information is taken from... Read More >

Top Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples

2022-01-27 by EPR Staff

A number of companies have had extremely successful influencer marketing campaigns in the last decade. Other businesses can learn from their examples and implement similar strategies in their own campaigns. Looking at what has and hasn’t worked for others is one of the best ways to learn, no matter if it’s about influencer marketing, programming, or any other skill or industry.   And while it might sound smart to look for successful campaigns within a company’s own niche, there are times when it’s important to look at other industries and their success in influencer marketing. That’s because sometimes the best ideas... Read More >

Measuring Success in Marketing

2022-01-24 by EPR Staff

Many people believe that marketing analytics only involves measuring  the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign.  However, the practice actually also applies to most other inbound marketing strategies. These include blogging, lead generation, social media, lead nurturing, and landing pages, which means there is great potential for marketing analytics. Many people also believe that marketers should always be testing their marketing strategies, but the first step in the testing process is actually figuring out which marketing variables can be tested. Layout One of the variables that marketers can measure to test  a campaign’s success is the campaign’s  layout. That includes... Read More >

Generating Leads With QR Codes

2022-01-21 by EPR Staff
a guide to qr codes and how to scan qr codes 1

Aside from having a user-friendly business website,  many companies are looking for other ways to use mobile marketing in lead generation . After a company creates its own website and optimizes it for mobile users, there are a number of mobile tools it can use to attract new customers. One of the easiest tools to use is QR codes, which are square barcodes that can be scanned with smartphones. Practically everyone with a smartphone uses QR codes these days to engage with businesses. The implementation of QR codes is relatively new for many businesses, but it’s still familiar for many... Read More >

Marketing for kids’ furniture

2022-01-19 by EPR Staff
kids furniture

Nowadays kids know what they want, and if they don’t have the money for it themselves, they just ask an adult to buy it for them. More and more decisions by kids are happening in stores. Families shop together in an effort to save and share time , which allows for kids to see and ask for new things. With online education becoming prevalent during the pandemic, the demand for kids’ furniture has increased.  Kids are impulsive shoppers because they do not rationalize price. Theirs is a world of instant gratification. Kids today want cool-looking bedrooms, which means that home... Read More >

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