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Bachelorette Star Responds to N-word Statement

2020-05-26 by Ronn Torossian

Bachelorette Star Responds to N-word Statement In the list of words some people in the public eye just can’t say, no matter the context, the N-word probably tops the list. By now, nearly everyone understands the potential career consequences of a celebrity uttering that term in public, no matter what their reasons may be. Many fans see the headline, and they couldn’t care less about the context. Yet, for some reasons, celebrities continue to learn that lesson the hard way. The latest prominent personality to experience this lesson is Bachelorette star Hannah Brown. A former pageant contestant from Alabama, Brown... Read More >

“That’s when I fell for… the leader of the pack”

2020-04-28 by EPR Staff

Boomers may remember this 1964 hit song first made popular by the Shangri-Las and subsequently recorded by other artists. In today’s fast-moving world of digital communications, the leader of today’s pack is Instagram. So? Recent research by Business Insider Intelligence revealed that 79% of brands relied on Instagram for their influencer campaigns. The research service company predicted that this year would be no different. It cited not only Instagram’s growing popularity, but also the experience and ability of influencers at all levels to utilize that platform. In a deeper and separate study, Fourstarrz Media not only echoed the outlook for... Read More >

Tips for Becoming a Better Leader

2020-04-16 by EPR Staff

A good leader is constantly learning, evolving and improving their skills. This is not a choice that they make, it’s something they must do. As companies around the world are flourishing around the world, what a leader does to lead, manage and inspire their 10 employees isn’t going to work when they have a few hundred, or even a thousand employees later on. Which means that evolving is not optional. Another thing that a good leader needs to do, in order to become a great one is to find out exactly what their special skill for leadership is. Then, they... Read More >

Where Did the Help Go?

2020-04-10 by EPR Staff
Key insights on how consumers are using smartphones and tablets

First there were vending machines, then laundromats, automats, gas stations, ATMs, airport check-ins, grocery stores, and now restaurants that are going cashierless. As of last summer, Amazon Go had 13 cashierless stores and announced that they would have 3,000 by 2021. Some stores have even gone cashless while others have no wait staff. What does the future hold? The Pros Some diners admit the experience of a cashierless restaurant is more stress-free, as there’s less pressure to order a meal at a kiosk. Many agree that transactions are faster and seamless. Owners report that there’s less pilfering in being cashless... Read More >

Finding the Best PR Firm for Any Business

2020-04-08 by EPR Staff

Whether a company is a first-timer when it comes to working with PR firms, or a veteran in the business, choosing the best PR firm to work on campaigns is no easy feat. In fact, simply choosing the right company can be quite a complicated process. There are plenty of choices, between the location of the firm, the available budget that can be spent on PR and plenty of other details that can become overwhelming. However, there’s no getting out of it, since every business has to attract and retain customers so that they can continuously achieve success. That said,... Read More >

American Academy of Pediatrics Issues RFP

2020-03-12 by EPR Staff
American Academy of Pediatrics

The AAP holds a cooperative agreement for the National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness (NCECHW) with the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Office of Head Start and Office of Child Care, as well as with the Health Resources and Services Administration Maternal Child Health Bureau to support the health‐related activities and goals of Head Start and Child Care programs through the provision of resources, training, and technical assistance.  The NCECHW is leading a partnership that shapes and impacts the overall awareness, knowledge, and training of early care and education (ECE) programs across the nation including Head Start,... Read More >

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