Interview today with Sid Berry, Founder of 71Three

We’re excited to interview you! First and foremost, the name of your agency sounds intriguing, what does 71Three mean? It’s a pleasure to answer your questions, thank you! In 1947, one of the first area codes assigned to Texas was “713”, and in the last 25 years, that area code has been … [Read more...]

Alexei Orlov: Global Marketer and Business Leader

Alexei Orlov Alexei Orlov, the founder and Global CEO of mtm choice worldwide, a Boutique Holding Group, decided to create his business back in 2017 after working in the global marketing and international business leadership industries for over 20 years. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, … [Read more...]

Rembrandt Flores of EFG Feature Story

Rembrandt Flores of EFG Feature Story Today an interview with Rembrandt Flores.  Start from the beginning, how did your career happen?  My career was a pure accident! I was working in production on an international TV show for E! and was put on a shoot that sent me on a trip with the … [Read more...]