Interview today with Sid Berry, Founder of 71Three

We’re excited to interview you! First and foremost, the name of your agency sounds intriguing, what does 71Three mean?

It’s a pleasure to answer your questions, thank you! In 1947, one of the first area codes assigned to Texas was “713”, and in the last 25 years, that area code has been synonymous with Houston. When I was thinking of company names, the first notion was to use my last name, but I wanted the brand to have a sense of familiarity each time it was spoken, especially in southwest Texas. To add some elegance to the name, one of our designers freehanded the logo and believe me when I tell you – almost everyone that comes in contact with our company tells us how much they love our logo and brand.

How did 71Three start its journey as a digital marketing agency?

I started coding when I was 14 years old and have been fascinated with technology ever since. After skipping a few meals, I saved enough money and attempted to launch two start-ups with the help of various development teams, but I kept running into problems – from missed deadlines, a poor quality of work and a lack of transparency. Then it hit me! If I am facing all of these issues in spite of having the technical know-how, then how would other businesses be able to manage? I knew at that very moment that there was a need to be filled so I began assembling a team of experts. Each one of us is extremely knowledgeable in our fields, and always ready to find solutions for clients. We ask the right questions, deliver on time and are committed to perfection.

What are the core values at your agency and what culture are you trying to cultivate?

One thing that unifies our team is that we are not afraid of failure, in fact we embrace it! Being creatives, we have to be willing to take risks, be bold and suggest fresh ideas. Also, there is no room for mediocrity at our office; we are constantly learning new skills and improving ourselves by challenging one another to do better. The competitive spirit is shared by everyone on our team and that reflects in the high quality of our work. Lastly, we encourage the team to have lives outside of work and that does wonders for creativity.

How have you kept the spirits up for your team during this pandemic?

These have definitely been trying times for everyone, especially in our industry. Several top digital marketing agencies in Texas have gone through layoffs and that also caused a lot of fear and uncertainty at our office. To alleviate the worries, I decided to personally bear the health insurance expense for all eleven staff members and their families (publication). It was important for me, as the team leader, to show my team that we are in this together. On a lighter note, we have been taking part in a lot of outdoor recreational games and activities that allow us to maintain our distance, but still feel connected. This has definitely been a morale booster for our team and families.

How do you measure your success?

To put it simply, when our clients succeed – we succeed. When we take on a project, one of the first things we do is align ourselves with their goals, and we base our success on being able to achieve those goals. At every interaction, we always ensure that our clients are satisfied, so when they tell us how happy they are with our services, we know we’re on the right path!

What sets you apart from others in this digital marketing landscape?

Including myself, there are twelve of us, each of us masters at our crafts; we are pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that collectively form a multidisciplinary and results-driven company. We constantly pursue and overcome fascinating challenges that allow us to exercise our eclectic skill set. Good design isn’t merely aesthetics, but rather the telling of a story that people can instantly connect with. Be it individuals, emotions or putting our heads together to solve the next big riddle – our greatest driving force is passion.

That’s great! One last question for you, what advice would you like to give to someone just starting out on this path?

Persistence. In many things in life, but especially in digital marketing, persistence simply cannot be replaced. You may face many hurdles early on – rejections, objections, the lack of a good team, failure to hit targets and a great deal more – but what’s important is that you stay determined. This is a very competitive industry so you have to be willing to go the distance. This was wonderful, I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and hope someone is able to learn something from my experience.

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