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The PR Power of a White Paper

Business is booming with white papers. With recently published reports on how the technology industry is taking advantage of this important marketing tool, one cannot ignore how PR has the power to harness the white paper.

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Mercedes Benz Sales Still Plummeting, And It’s No Wonder

Daimler’s Mercedes Benz may be in be trouble. Conflicting sales numbers and inadvisable or failed deals spotlight a company struggling to get its feet back under it. In a failing economy, amid losses of jobs everywhere, can Mercedes afford to depart from their core expertise? From failed customer support to failed partnerships Daimler may need to look into new leadership rather than new markets like China.

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Janet Thaeler Speaks About Social Media

She works for OrangeSoda Enterprise, a company that has a website as fresh as its name, and with her we launch Featured Experts – a category that will bring you advice from the best of the best in public relations and social media. They don’t have to be famous: their actions and professional conduct are what define value in our glossary.


PR Made Caylee Sunshine Dolls Popular

This is one of those unfortunate situations when bad PR is better than no PR. Almost everyone is against the Caylee Sunshine dolls, yet the negative press just made them popular.

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Good Public Relations Is Not About Sales

Public relations is one of the most important functions of any business obviously. I know, some businessmen might initially have a reaction of; “Who can afford those guys?” especially if they operate a small business.