Common Mistakes in International PR

2018-11-28 by JamesD

With increasing globalization, more companies are engaging in global corporate communications. In some cases, international PR involves higher stakes and higher risks. As the size and location of the audience grow, you need to take into account many more potential issues and there are more opportunities for blunders.   Here are some common mistakes in global branding that can undermine your communication strategy:   1.    Top-down approach Funding for PR overseas is usually determined by and comes out of the corporate HQ’s budget. Because of this, HQ executives sometimes try to get overly involved in global PR activities, in addition... Read More >

Parq Vancouver’s Lackluster PR Crisis Response

2018-11-26 by JamesD
Parq Vancouver’s Lackluster PR Crisis Response

Canadian Rapper Drake made allegations the entertainment and hotel complex Parq Vancouver, claiming he was racially profiled and barred from gambling from the venue. Parq Vancouver’s response to these events has been touted as a case of inadequate PR mechanisms to handle the crisis. Here’s the rundown of the situation. Early morning on November 3, Drake posted “Parq Casino @parqvancouverbc is the worst run business I have ever witnessed...profiling me and not allowing me to gamble when I had everything they originally asked me for." Shortly after, Parq Vancouver responded saying it was investigating the issue. This was followed up... Read More >

UK Supermarket Chain Forced to Rework Its Christmas Advertising Campaign

2018-11-21 by JamesD

British supermarket chain Iceland’s Christmas advertising has been banned from television because its “overtly political” advert was deemed to have breached political advertising rules. Iceland’s marketing director, Neil Hayes, is now working on Plan B for the holiday season. Earlier this year, the discount supermarket chain announced plans to remove all palm oil products from its shelves by the end of 2018. It was under this backdrop that Iceland had planned to use an animated short film made by Greenpeace as its Christmas advertising campaign. The film, called Rang-tan and starring the voice of actress Emma Thompson, is about the... Read More >

Emerging Trends in Modern Public Relations

2018-11-12 by Ronn Torossian
Emerging Trends in Modern Public Relations

Public Relations has evolved into something that might be unrecognizable from its origins. What started out banners, clever marketing advertising and television, has transformed into something much more complex and dynamic. Keeping up with where PR is now and where it is heading is key to staying relevant in the industry. Here’s a list of emerging trends in modern public relations to help you stay on top of the game: Big Data/Small Data Public relations has become data-centric. Whether it’s big data or small data, PR relies on data to tell stories effectively. The most compelling narratives are created by... Read More >

How can we create more opportunities for women to be PR leaders?

2018-11-08 by JamesD
How can we create more opportunities for women to be PR leaders

If you ever step inside a public relations firm, chances are most of the employees are women. While there are still plenty of men in the industry, for the most part, it’s a female-dominated industry. PR is an especially inclusive industry for women, well that is, unless you consider the very top of the chain. Around 61% to 85% of all PR-related jobs are held by women, and women account for 59% of PR managers. Yet, figures released by the 2014 World PR Report estimated only 30% of all global PR agencies run by females. PR is a field that... Read More >

Facebook PR Hire Has a Tough Challenge Ahead

2018-11-01 by JamesD
Facebook PR Hire Has a Tough Challenge Ahead

International business can get very political, and successful executives understand how to leverage PR panache in a way that effectively communicates their message while creating buy-in, or at least a better bargaining position. However, buy-in is just one aspect of the challenge facing the new Facebook head of global affairs and communications, Nick Clegg. Clegg is coming on board Facebook even as the premier social media company in the world is dealing with multiple scandals, while also trying to break into new international markets. Some are saying Clegg’s government experience—he was a top British liberal politician for many years—will help... Read More >

Head of HYPR, Gil Eyal And Influencer Marketing

2018-10-31 by JamesD
Head of HYPR, Gil Eyal Understand Influencer Marketing

Whatever your influencer needs, HYPR has the scoop. As the stubborn wild west of marketing and public relations, social media can be a difficult beast to tame. Enter HYPR: an advertising and public relations service provider transforming the world of influencer marketing by giving clients in-depth insight into the audience demographics of social influencers- and potential marketing partners. Gil Eyal, CEO and founder of HYPR, has grown the firm from humble beginnings since its launch in 2013. Under his direction, HYPR has built a client base of some two hundred Fortune 500 brands and the biggest advertising and PR agencies... Read More >

Twitter Boosts Responsibility Profile by Targeting Political Bots

2018-10-22 by Ronn Torossian
Twitter Boosts Responsibility Profile by Targeting Political Bots

In recent months, and in response to massive consumer and political pressure, social media companies have been clearing the decks, deleting bad actors and “fake” accounts while also limiting the accounts of provocateurs. Facebook has deleted millions of accounts, gaining consistent headlines. Not to be outdone, Twitter recently suspended a network of accounts accused of “pushing pro-Saudi messages” on the heels of the Jamal Khashoggi scandal. Speaking to the media, Twitter said the accounts were “behaving like spam accounts,” and that Twitter had been monitoring the accounts “for some time.” The company added that, though the content appeared to be... Read More >

PR News From Ruder Finn, Lewis PR & 5WPR

2018-10-12 by JamesD

FleishmanHillard Taps Dianna Kraus to Head Updated Sports Practice FleishmanHillard have now announced that Dianna Kraus, a veteran of the company will be taking the role of global managing direct for the recently relaunched sports sector of the firm. Kraus is also a senior partner and senior VP for FleishmanHillard and has helped with leading multiple global communication strategies for clients over the years in the technology, financial services and automotive spaces. Kraus will be working alongside a selection of newly-designated regional leaders, including her senior partner and senior VP colleague Steve Hickock, leading the Americas, Suki Zhao who is... Read More >

Questions to Ask When Refreshing PR Strategy

2018-10-10 by JamesD
Key Questions to Ask When Refreshing a PR Strategy

A PR strategy is a fantastic way for a brand to develop its online presence, improve its reputation and even attract new customers. However, as the media world continues to change, and the preferences of consumers transforms with it, sometimes companies need to refresh their PR strategy to get the most out of each campaign. Of course, refreshing a strategy isn't always easy. It's important for businesses to know what kind of questions they should be asking themselves as they assess the potential of their current PR techniques and set plans in place for the future. Here are some basic... Read More >

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