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Maverick Apparel Demands Logan Paul Stop Using Maverick Name

2018-01-04 by EPR Staff

Maverick Apparel, a New York City based leading manufacturer and clothing company that prides itself in “building wholesome apparel brands for juniors and children” demanded today Logan Paul stop using their brand name. As the letter notes, “Maverick by Logan Paul and Maverick Apparel (“Maverick”) trademarks are confusingly similar but moreover because you have embedded the term ‘Maverick Apparel’ as the title of the domain, consumers have been confused, deceived and misled that he is affiliated with Maverick Apparel. In a letter sent today by esteemed New York lawyer Robert Garson, the brand says he hijacked the maverick name... Read More >

Government of Canada Seeks Marketing Firm For Cannabis Public Education and Awareness Campaign

2017-10-08 by EPR Staff

Health Canada (HC) requires the services of a contractor to develop, implement, manage, and report on national experiential marketing events programs to support the propose legislation and regulation of cannabis by raising awareness of the health and safety risks and engaging with the target audiences. The focus for 2017-18 and early 2018-19 will be on education and awareness of health and safety risks of cannabis. Messaging is mainly targeted at Canadian youth 13-18 and young adults 18-24 as well as their influencers. Messaging and focus is likely to shift in 2018-19 and beyond if and once the legislation receives Royal... Read More >


2017-09-26 by EPR Staff

The City of Saginaw is seeking the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s (MEDC) Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC) certification. The RRC certification assures potential investors, businesses and residents that the communities has policies and practices in place to facilitate economic development, and are welcoming and committed to working on the revitalization and growth of Saginaw. The City of Saginaw was approved by the MEDC for the RRC Program in December 2015. A team of staff members from multiple departments was formed to work on the components of the RRC Program. It was decided to contract with a professional organization to prepare the... Read More >

Fort Bragg, California Seeks Tourism Marketing Agency

2017-06-30 by EPR Staff

The City of Fort Bragg, California is seeking proposals from qualified marketing and creative professionals and teams interested in contracting with the City of Fort Bragg to develop a brand for Visit Fort Bragg. Background & Project Understanding The City of Fort Bragg has been transitioning from a lumber town to a tourism destination for the past 17 years. This community of 7,000 residents is perched on the bluff tops overlooking the ocean in Mendocino County. The community offers many interesting visitor-serving activities and facilities including: Beachcombing, bicycling, walking, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, ocean and river kayaking, beer and wine... Read More >

5WPR Named one of Beauty Store Business Magazine’s Picks as Top Marketers

2017-06-19 by Ronn Torossian

It’s no small thing to be chosen for this honor, only five companies made the list and of those five, two of them provide marketing in-house … Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club. You’d almost have to be living in a cave if you haven’t heard the beauty marketing campaigns that have been going on with those two companies over the last year or so. But less public is the New York-based PR firm 5WPR, which specializes in various areas of public relations, but their beauty division represents brands in areas such as fragrance, cosmetics, skin, hair, oral, and spa clients.... Read More >

Tunnel collapse puts PR pressure on nuclear energy

2017-05-15 by Ronn Torossian

As the debate about fossil-fuel energy continues to rage, a small but dedicated and growing chorus is calling for a renewal of nuclear energy. Once considered to be the fuel of the future, nuclear has ardent fans and equally dedicated opponents. And, after a recent tunnel collapse at a nuclear weapons complex, score a point for those worried about potential fallout of a more nuclear energy grid. The tunnel collapse took place at the Hanford nuclear weapons complex in Washington State, a place where toxic waste created during the Manhattan Project has been stored. Critics have been complaining for years... Read More >

Alaska Seeks Tourism PR Agency

2017-04-18 by EPR Staff
alaska firm

The Alaska Travel Industry is seeking a media relations firm to promote Alaska’s Tourism Marketing Program. The Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) is the leading non-profit, member-based trade association for the travel industry in Alaska. With over 700 tourism business members and partners, ATIA is the leading industry organization promoting Alaska as a top visitor destination, communicating and promoting the Alaskan tourism industry as one of the state’s major economic forces, and the respected voice of the industry for the growth of the industry, while remaining attentive to care for the environment, recognition of cultures and Alaska’s unique quality of... Read More >

David Milberg on How to Become a Successful Serial Entrepreneur with Technology

2017-03-02 by EPR Staff
David Milberg Entrepreneur

The recent advancements in technology have made it easier than ever before to become a serial entrepreneur. Using your computer, you can set up, run and manage several businesses from the comfort of your home. If you are successful, then you will enjoy a steady stream of income without being required to work at a normal job, but you will also have a level of freedom about which most people only dream. Getting started is not as difficult as you might think, but you will need a plan. You are likely to encounter many roadblocks along your journey, but remaining... Read More >

What’s Smart About Banning News Agencies from Press Briefings?

2017-03-01 by Ronn Torossian
Sean Spicer - Public Relations News

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer recently blocked a few news agencies from a press briefing. The action caused a furor in the press, especially those whose reporters were banned … The New York Times, Politico, CNN, BuzzFeed, and The Washington Post among them. In fact, the briefing was an “invite only” off-camera session. Those agencies represented included conservative news outlets, including  Breitbart, Fox News, the Washington Times, and One America News Network. Also invited were several of the middle-of-the-road media outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and The Wall Street Journal. As a show of solidarity, Time and members... Read More >

Dr. Armin Tehrany On How Doctors Are Reaching New Patients in a Digital World

2017-02-17 by EPR Staff
dr armin tehrany

With the future of healthcare being a hot topic of discussion, doctors are embracing the digital age and onboarding new tactics to bring in patients. Doctors Embrace the Digital Age While the importance used to lie in traditional media to highlight a doctor’s practice, patient testimonials and innovative procedures, it comes to no surprise that traditional mediums like printed press, TV and radio are being challenged by the boom of the digital realm. In a day where most patients are online, doctors are embracing the change and utilizing new techniques to make their footprint. A great example of this is... Read More >

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