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Happenings at Burson-Marsteller, WPP PR, Ketchum, and PR in Moscow

2016-11-07 by Richard D. Pace

New U.S. Healthcare Division Chair at Burson-Marsteller Henry Engleka joins the DC office of Burson-Marsteller as the new chair of the healthcare division. Engleka brings 20+ years of experience in healthcare communication and extensive work in the healthcare field. He worked most recently as a member of the Marketing Steering Committee and senior consultant at John Theurer Cancer Center. Before that, he was EVP of Health and Wellness practice at Porter Novelli in New York. He was also founder and CEO of P4 Strategy Group in NYC, co-founder of Zibbel Inc., and principal and managing director of the NYC office... Read More >

JetSmarter Issues RFP: Seeking Influencer Marketing Agencies & Celebrity Relations

2016-10-31 by Richard D. Pace
JetSmarter Issues RFP Seeking Influencer Marketing Agencies & Celebrity Relations

JetSmarter, the world’s largest mobile marketplace for private jets, has issued an RFP for an influencer marketing agency, and celebrity wrangling.  The company – which media has compared to the UBER of Private Jets – is looking for companies worldwide with experience in influencer marketing, celebrity relations and high-end events to contact them. Established in 2012, the innovative mobile app was founded by Sergey Petrossov, which has invented a new class of air travel by offering both custom charters and shared private jet services across the globe.  By fundamentally rewiring the marketplace, JetSmarter has lowered the entry cost into the... Read More >

How will Streaming Change the Emmys?

2016-09-19 by Ronn Torossian

5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian comments on the future of Streaming Live Events. The continued success of streaming video content has many traditional TV networks trying to figure out how to jump on the bandwagon without destroying their current, profitable business model. The NFL recently announced a deal to stream Thursday Night Football on Twitter, and many NCAA games are available to watch on ESPN3. Meanwhile, many new popular shows are only available through streaming services. Netflix and Amazon are fighting tooth and nail against each other and against traditional networks for recognition. And it looks like, this year, they will... Read More >

Taking Sexy Bikini Shots In College Can Forever Affect Your Career

2016-09-19 by Jason Tannahill
Taking Sexy Bikini Shots In College Can Forever Affect Your Career

What Happens on the Internet, Stays on the Internet This is not in the way talked about with Las Vegas, but in quite the opposite: hen pictures or comments are posted on the Internet, count on them being there forever. Count on them being there long after the giddy days of youth have passed and there’s a need to be taken seriously in a career, or something you never want your grandchildren to view. Remember the Future Topless pictures or videos, as well as pictures in lingerie or the skimpiest of bikinis, are probably not a good idea unless that... Read More >

PR Lessons from Unions

2016-09-13 by Richard D. Pace

Great PR is often associated with Mad Men of Madison Ave, Silicon Valley wizards, or seasoned warriors on K Street. But that’s oversimplifying things, and underestimating some of the best PR operatives in the country – unions. Long gone are days when unions accomplished their goals by simply picketing outside the employer’s office, or scaring passerby’s with giant inflatable rats. Intimidating unyielding employers with physical violence is also pretty much behind us. That’s because often you can accomplish a ton towards Public Relations campaigns. A great example of true mastery in using PR as a weapon is Health Professionals and... Read More > Who Works With News Corp and Meredith Conduct Social Engagement Platform Survey On Digital Media Consumption

2016-08-31 by Richard D. Pace
spot im image

Spot.IM -- a disruptive social engagement platform that works with major U.S. digital publishers including News Corp. and Meredith -- analyzed results from 526 random participants on consumer consumption of digital media and found that: 53% of Americans don’t read print newspapers anymore (15% still read them daily in print, not digitally) o   By age: 72% of 18-29 year olds never read print newspapers 56% of 30-44 year olds never read print newspapers 47% of 45-59 year olds never read print newspapers 35% of 60+ year olds never read print newspapers 33% of people would like to see less articles... Read More >

Air Force Reserve Issues Advertising RFP

2016-08-19 by Richard D. Pace
air force reserve

The Air Force Reserve is seeking to hire an advertising agency.  They want to market to the American public, in support of overall Air Force Reserve communications objectives and all Air Force Reserve recruiting programs in all appropriate media. The assignment includes to: manage the program and all associated costs for the Public Service Advertising (PSA) Program, Recruiting Support Vehicle, AFRC Qualification Center, and TV/Radio/Video Products.  The chosen agency shall conduct research to measure the effectiveness and support the improvement of Air Force Reserve communications and advertising capabilities in the areas of branding, lead generation, fulfillment, and recruiter support. Additionally... Read More >

Chinese Couple Befriended Jeb Bush with $1.3 Million Investment

2016-08-12 by Richard D. Pace
Chinese Couple Befriended Jeb Bush with $1.3 Million Investment

[caption id="attachment_83352" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Image courtesy of People[/caption] Most politicians and businessmen get to where they are and maintain the position through cultivating friendships in high places – often with each other. In politics and business alike, money talks, and many alliances are bought with dollars and cents, as opposed to camaraderie. Perhaps, few know this better than the husband and wife who spent $1.3 million trying to make Jeb Bush President of the United States. Gordon Tang and Huaidan Chen are Chinese expatriates living in Singapore and have created relationships with many American politicians, aside from Jeb Bush. In... Read More >

The Public Relations World Was Changed By Project Apollo

2016-08-10 by Ronn Torossian
Nasa Public Relations

Project Apollo, and especially Apollo 11, gave the United States an opportunity to shine like it has rarely been able to do. Not that great things haven’t been accomplished in America over the years, but this was above the mark. It gave the U.S. a chance to show our technological supremacy over the rest of the world and especially rival nations. That was the primary goal of the program when first envisioned by the Kennedy administration in 1961 - it wasn’t so much about conquering space travel, it was about proving our superiority - especially to the “Red Menace.” To... Read More >

PR News: IPG PR Firms, Regan Communications, Kenworks and Steinreich

2016-08-01 by Richard D. Pace

PR firms in Interpublic Group’s CMG unit show continued growth in 2016 Most of the PR firms under Interpublic Group’s umbrella are included in their CMG unit – and the CMG unit continues to fare well in 2016 – beating the economic odds recently and growing. For Q2 they’ve seen a 2.8 percent year-over-year organic revenue growth making $369.4 million during Q2 2016. And for the first half of 2016, the numbers are even better according to Andy Polansky, CEO of Weber Shandwick. Among the CMG unit’s PR firms are Weber Shandwick, DeVries, Golan, Spong, PMK*BNC, and more. Polansky said... Read More >

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