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Janet Thaeler Speaks About Social Media

2009-01-28 by EPR Staff
janet thaeler newspaper girl

Janet works for OrangeSoda Enterprise, a company that has a website as fresh as its name, and with her we launch Featured Experts - a category that will bring you advice from the best of the best in public relations and social media. I met her via Twitter - where she goes by @NewspaperGrl - follow her and I promise you will not regret it. My first impression was that OrangeSoda made the best move in hiring her. After she graciously answered all the questions in the interview below... well, I'm even more impressed: Everything PR: What is your professional... Read More >

PR Made Caylee Sunshine Dolls Popular

2009-01-28 by EPR Staff

This is not a case for the “goofy awards” – we “offer” those to correct some small mistakes or blunders that, if corrected, can only benefit the reputation of the “awarded.” This is a more likely a case for “PR horror stories” than anything else. The Orlando Sentinel and a few other high profile news sites report that Showbiz Promotions, based in Jacksonville, had planned to sell its Caylee Sunshine doll for $29.99. This doll was apparently meant to represent "a tribute" to Caylee Marie Anthony a little girl who disappeared on July 15, 2008. Her remains were found five... Read More >

The Publicity Agency: Drew Peterson’s PR Set To Overturn Law Next

2009-01-25 by EPR Staff
The Publicity Agency

The PR Goof of the day today is a rather high profile one. Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has retained a Tampa PR firm, The Publicity Agency, to handle a media blitz campaign in light of upcoming impeachment hearings in his home state. From this writer’s perspective, this is the first I ever heard that TV network coverage supersedes the jurisdiction of a State court. From the news, it is clear that Blagojevich intends to skip the boring trial proceeding and head straight to Good Morning America, for his day in court. A quote from the ABC online variant states: "The... Read More >

Horn Group – Cutting Edge Digital World Image

2009-01-22 by EPR Staff
Horn Group everything-pr

I spend a good deal of time scanning the Web for PR goofs so that we might illustrate and inform about how NOT to approach things. Today I really wanted to applaud Horn Group Digital Communications, in particular for the way in which they have seamlessly represented themselves both visually and contextually. From their landing page, to their insightful blog “Brass Tacks”, the firm has communicated themselves symbolically and literally as a tailored, refined and congruent business. This is conveyed in everything on their site. In the digital world, it is ever more crucial to demonstrate effectively who we are.... Read More >

Shift Communications PR: Social Media Needs Public Relations

2009-01-21 by EPR Staff
Shift Communications Logo

Shift Communication’s first claim to fame is they were the PR firm launching the first social media press release (SMPR – download *.pdf template). The firm started in Boston, but now have four locations by adding offices in New York City, San Francisco and their most recent in Austin, Texas. In that first Shift Communications social media press release, they forged new territory, making life easier for journalists and bloggers alike to do their job. They set it up in a similar format to an e-newsletter with structured information, written content, and visual/audio content to boost the understanding of content.... Read More >

Action PR Jordan: 16 Years in Business

2009-01-17 by EPR Staff
Action Communications Jordan

Action Public Relations Action PR, a public relations company from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, celebrated on Wednesday its 16th anniversary. The company takes pride in being the first public relations firm in the Kingdom. Action PR offers a full range of public relations, from strategic planning, media relations, daily coverage monitoring, reputation and crisis management, to editorial services and creative copywriting. The agency has already won international recognition. One example is the winning of Coca-Cola's MENA Consultancy of the Year Awards for the region's most creative PR agency in both 1999 and 2000. Action PR is member of the... Read More >

CLIO Awards Category: Strategic Communications and Public Relations

2009-01-15 by EPR Staff
Clio Awards

The CLIO Awards will be celebrating its monumental 50th Anniversary in Las Vegas. CLIO will award the most remarkable accomplishments in advertising. This year CLIO has added a new competition category: Strategic Communications/ Public Relations. Executive jury chair will be Edelman’s president and CEO Richard Edelman. "In keeping with Clio's 50-year tradition of recognizing the highest levels of creative communication, we are pleased to announce the new category that will acknowledge those in the industry who understand the power of public relations and communications in this highly competitive arena," said Wayne Youkhana, director of the CLIO Awards. "We are also... Read More >

Good Public Relations Is Not About Sales

2009-01-09 by EPR Staff
Art of Public Relations

Public relations is one of the most important functions of any business obviously. I know, some businessmen might initially have a reaction of; “Who can afford those guys?” especially if they operate a small business. However, public relations is about just this, relating to the public. It is what businesses do whether for themselves (in house), or in retaining experts to do it for them. Reaching the public is not something that an entrepreneur can opt out of, so the key to PR is in the proper valuation of firms and their compatibility with a client. This profession and the... Read More >

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