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Beginner Social Media Marketing Advice

2021-08-30 by JamesD

Building brand awareness around a company and its products or services through various social media platforms is the core of social media marketing. The end goal of any social media marketing campaign can be to increase traffic to a company’s website, increase product or service visibility, find more customers, or simply to get more followers on those platforms. These days social media platforms have become the fastest way for companies to spread the word to their customers about any new products and services. Additionally, millions of people around the world spend quite a bit of their time on social media... Read More >

Startups and Social Media Platforms

2021-07-31 by Jim Crickell

There are plenty of different ways for companies to reach a number of people, such as appearing on various digital platforms, adapting a single piece of content to match those platforms, and more. The importance of social media for new companies has never been more obvious, however, there are some companies that still need help in navigating this field. Facebook One of the most popular and common social media platforms is also one of the easiest places for companies to set up their accounts. Facebook is a platform that doesn’t actually favor a single piece of content, which makes it... Read More >

Boosting Social Media Marketing Strategies

2021-06-14 by Ronn Torossian
Social media

In the past couple of decades, social media slowly crept into consumers’ lives until it became their focal point. These days 7 in 10 Americans are on social media - Brands and corporations took notice of this change, and ever since then, social media platforms have offered platforms for the highest quality marketing strategies. With a well-executed social media and digital PR strategy, the benefits for businesses are endless. A strong social media strategy can bring a lot of positive results for companies including connecting them with target audiences, increasing website traffic, making more sales, increasing brand awareness, and much more. All... Read More >

Social Media & The Hunt For NYC’s Next Mayor

2021-03-26 by Julio Juarez

While some might wish to be spared yet another political fight that will be taking over social media, there is a lot to learn for savvy Pr firms and specialists. So as the opening salvos in the fight for NYC votes begins, let’s take a look at how the top NYC candidates for mayor are utilizing different social media platforms to get the word out about their campaigns. Andrew Yang Candidate Andrew Yang can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and across all of these platforms, he has about 3 million followers. On Facebook, he shares content about his... Read More >

The Power of Executive Advocates and Social Media

2021-03-01 by JamesD

With more consumers, especially Gen Z and millennials, crying out for brands to stand up against racism and equality, companies also have a unique opportunity to encourage their executives to use social media to advocate for the brand itself.  The reason? That’s where the market is. Three separate surveys indicate that there’s lots of social media activity among both B2B buyers and executives. 91% of B2B buyers told Forrester that they are active on social media, while 94% admitted to Accenture that that’s where they research before purchasing a product. And 82% of B2B leaders reported to market research firm... Read More >

Instagram Contests Can Grow the Audience

2021-01-31 by Julio Juarez
3 Fantastic Examples of Instagram Contests That Fuel Marketing Goals

Looking for a quick way to gain more followers? According to the social media scheduling tool, Tailwind, running a contest on Instagram can gain a brand 70% more followers in just one quarter than not hosting one. The statistic was the result of analyzing more than 60,000 Instagram posts. Another discovery was that contests on Instagram receive 64 times more comments and 3 ½ times more likes than regular posts. Tailwind found that after spending an average of 2 ½ minutes on a contest app, 94.46% of users share the promotion. 62.13% tell friends and encourage them to enter as... Read More >