Technology Information for Saving Marketers

2009-11-17 by EPR Staff
Saving Marketers

There are two basic rules marketers should understand when communicating with technical people: the technology business speaks a different dialect, and technology information should be communicated with full transparency. These are pretty simple concepts, but in practice they often prove daunting to proper communication. Let’s take a look at some good and bad communications from some of the top marketing firms in the world, from the first place anyone might meet them – their own Websites. This first in a series about engaging the technology and science sector, is intended as a primer for pre-engagement thinking. When you fly to... Read More >

Volkswagen of America Selects Deutsch

2009-10-28 by EPR Staff
Volkswagen of America everything-pr

Volkswagen of America has selected Deutsch LA to serve as their agency of record. The marketing communications company will take over as agency of record on Nov. 1st. They will be handling the advertising and national retail for the automobile company. “Volkswagen probably has the best fifty-year portfolio of advertising that exists. And as far as the other agencies in the review, we felt like we were up against Mount Rushmore,” said Eric Hirshberg, Co-CEO/Chief Creative Officer of Deutsch LA. “The fact that they chose us to carry on this legacy is simply humbling.” Deutsch LA has worked with a... Read More >

PopScreen – Next Level Online Video Aggregator

2009-10-25 by EPR Staff

A couple of years ago the video aggregator scene was jam packed with startups aimed at making your video enjoyment on the Web the best it could be. Sadly, except for a very few of these services, all hit the "dead pool" like Greg Louganis practicing for the Olympics.  Just like so many startups these last several years, developers provided enough bells and whistles for one reason or another, to effectively make these platforms even more complicated and cluttered than YouTube itself. People did not need more YouTubes, and the space dried up essentially. For 2009, enter a little private... Read More >

PR Tips: Five Terms to Never Use to Market Technology

2009-10-18 by EPR Staff
cnn logo everything-pr

As a developer or PR of a startup company, have you ever wondered why your press releases or company docs do not always get results? Well, from a long time tech blogger, blog editor, and consulting perspective, it may be because your terminology is just plain outdated. Lame, might be a better way to describe the trend for some "communicators" to overuse phrases or terms that pretty much "label" even great technology or innovation improperly. What we are talking about here is basically a failure to differentiate a service or product from hordes of others by using "cliché" or hyped... Read More >

Makovsky + Company, Cutting Edge Digital Communication, Almost

2009-08-04 by EPR Staff
makovsky PR logo

Today we continue our analysis of top PR companies with an online presence with Makovsky + Company, the 25th most profitable firm in the US according to O’Dwyer’s latest list. The firm, founded in 1979, bills itself as “one of the nation’s leading independent global public relations, investor relations, and branding consultancies. “ As an initial note, we found Makovsky’s site to be one of the very best with regard to aesthetics and the caliber of authoritative information published there. However, an unsuspected issue arose in determining just how engaging and appropriate the site’s content and company transparency is. The... Read More >

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