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Can the iPhone Help Save eBay?

In business it is sometimes necessary to step back and refocus in order to progress. eBay is just such a company, one trying to catch up with mobile technology and the social Web as fast as it can. This company, and others, can take great advantage of mobile applications and especially the iPhone. Communicating with costumers vie mobile platforms might just save eBay.

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Technology Information for Saving Marketers

Some of the best and most successful marketing firms in the world fail miserably in communicating with technical or scientific entities. This is not because marketers do not know their job, but because they have perhaps forgotten some key principles of good communications. Technical people deal in an empirical world where normative and philosophical language has not place.

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PopScreen – Next Level Online Video Aggregator

There are not many video startups coming along which have fantastic potential but one called PopScreen may just surprise even the most cynical video aggregator detractor. This very refined and well worked out video tool is engineered from the best ideas of the past in order to provide maybe the best platform for video yet devised for Internet users. Only time will tell, but it is at least easy to see the developers did their homework well.

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PR Tips: Five Terms to Never Use to Market Technology

Marketing terminology for new age innovation has become as hyped laden as any cheesy ad campaign ever created. What are the effects of terminology on developments in the short and long term. How should you describe your technology? Here are some terms you should never use when describing your development to anyone, followed by some suggestions and reasoning.

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Makovsky + Company, Cutting Edge Digital Communication, Almost

Makovsky + Company is one of the world’s leading PR and investment consultancies. We intended to evaluate the company’s online digital presence, and found some real pluses and on the other end of the spectrum, a few surprising minuses which indicate “loose ends” with regard to the company’s branding online.