Google Battles Facebook with Friend Connect Now on Drupal, Joomla

2010-01-12 by Aaron Sarno
google mobile algorithm

Open-source content management systems Drupal and Joomla have made Google Friend Connect available on their platforms, reports ReadWriteWeb. This gives users of Drupal and Joomla the ability to leverage the immediate social features of Google Friend Connect without having to do any extra coding. For Google, the availability on these two major platforms gives it a wider potential of publishers to use its service. What Google Friend Connect does is offer social networking capabilities to website publishers looking to add such features without much heavy lifting. Depending on the needs and services of a site, the costs involved for adding... Read More >

Will TV Die in the Future?

2010-01-06 by Aaron Sarno
Apple TV

Current trends for broadcast television aren't looking too good for 2010. With new technology always on the horizon, and improved methods for quicker implementation, the possibility of broadcasters to finally make a shift into the digital era may actually become a reality in the coming year. A recent article on msnbc highlights the glory days of broadcast television, harking on the magic the small screen once held over an entire nation. Broadcast television was our social networking, aggregating viewers around the television at appointed times each evening. The office copy room became the watering hole for discussing all the things... Read More >

Mobile Shopping Apps to Inherit the Future?

2010-01-04 by Aaron Sarno
Mobile Shopping

A recent study from claims that more and more shoppers are getting comfortable making online purchases from their smart phones. The survey shows that approximately 37% of smart phone users have purchased something with their devices in the last 6 months. More popular items include music, books, DVDs, movie tickets and video games. Given our recent departure from the holiday season's shopping madness, it's becoming increasingly evident of the growing necessity for brands, advertisers and retailers to focus on mobile strategies for the future. Ongoing support of online shopping, being pushed from the more secure online banking industry and... Read More >

LinkedIn APP Bump: Who Else Will Do This Dance?

2009-12-30 by Richard D. Pace

A new feature from the LinkedIn iPhone app seemed a long time coming, but necessary nonetheless. Similar to the iPhone Bump application, bluetooth enabled mobile devices can now exchange contact information by holding their phones side by side. As Bump is one of the more popular apps on the iPhone platform, it's no surprise that the professional social network LinkedIn has added similar functionality to its existing iPhone app. LinkedIn's new Bump-like feature can connect two iPhone users on the network by bumping their phones against each other. The act aims to mimic business card exchange, just without the physical... Read More >

No One Likes Social Media Gurus, Especially on Twitter

2009-12-28 by Richard D. Pace
twitter everything-pr

Social media gurus may soon outnumber porn professionals on Twitter. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you understand my point. There are far too many social media gurus on Twitter. There are arguably far too many porn professionals on Twitter as well, but that's a different discussion for a different day. The point here is really that social media is turning on itself, granting an opportunity to do its job too well. Social media gurus have been saying for some time now that business professionals need to have a Twitter presence. Twitter is huge for marketing,... Read More >

Apple TV, Will It Finally Catch on as the Next Big Thing?

2009-12-22 by Richard D. Pace
Apple TV

Apple TV lets consumers play Internet content on their widescreen TVs. Basically, anything that can be seen online can now be shown on your television set. This includes popular Internet destinations like YouTube and Flickr, and of course, the ever popular iTunes titles. Today, there are even reports that Apple TV may be close to reaching an agreement with CBS and Disney. Since the Disney channel is one of the most popular cable network channels, it makes sense that other channels will soon follow suit. There is even speculation that Apple TV may be able to effectively compete with, or... Read More >

Can the iPhone Help Save eBay?

2009-11-25 by Richard D. Pace
A Collection of iPhones in Different Colours everything-pr

With the upcoming holidays, many retailers are realizing the potential behind smart phone applications such as those made for the iPhone. eBay is one such company, with aims to clear $500 million generated from its mobile presence alone. That's a great deal of money, especially from a mobile effort. Coming from eBay, the sentiment around the long-standing auction site has varied greatly over the past few years. Having made several investment mistakes, taken on more than it can chew and all-out attempting to dominate the market, eBay has taken several steps back in order to re-focus its strategy and look... Read More >

Technology Information for Saving Marketers

2009-11-17 by Richard D. Pace
Saving Marketers

There are two basic rules marketers should understand when communicating with technical people: the technology business speaks a different dialect, and technology information should be communicated with full transparency. These are pretty simple concepts, but in practice they often prove daunting to proper communication. Let’s take a look at some good and bad communications from some of the top marketing firms in the world, from the first place anyone might meet them – their own Websites. This first in a series about engaging the technology and science sector, is intended as a primer for pre-engagement thinking. When you fly to... Read More >

Volkswagen of America Selects Deutsch

2009-10-28 by Richard D. Pace
Volkswagen of America everything-pr

Volkswagen of America has selected Deutsch LA to serve as their agency of record. The marketing communications company will take over as agency of record on Nov. 1st. They will be handling the advertising and national retail for the automobile company. “Volkswagen probably has the best fifty-year portfolio of advertising that exists. And as far as the other agencies in the review, we felt like we were up against Mount Rushmore,” said Eric Hirshberg, Co-CEO/Chief Creative Officer of Deutsch LA. “The fact that they chose us to carry on this legacy is simply humbling.” Deutsch LA has worked with a... Read More >

PopScreen – Next Level Online Video Aggregator

2009-10-25 by Richard D. Pace

A couple of years ago the video aggregator scene was jam packed with startups aimed at making your video enjoyment on the Web the best it could be. Sadly, except for a very few of these services, all hit the "dead pool" like Greg Louganis practicing for the Olympics.  Just like so many startups these last several years, developers provided enough bells and whistles for one reason or another, to effectively make these platforms even more complicated and cluttered than YouTube itself. People did not need more YouTubes, and the space dried up essentially. For 2009, enter a little private... Read More >

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