Apple opens up on Qualcomm with both barrels

2017-01-25 by Aaron Sarno
apple marketing

They say you’re not supposed to bite the hand that feeds you, but apparently, no one chose to tell Apple that. The computer and mobile giant is suing mobile chip manufacturer Qualcomm for upwards of $1 billion for allegedly committing patent infringement. The kicker, Qualcomm is one of Apple’s biggest parts suppliers. According to Associated Press reports, Apple alleges Qualcomm is a “greedy monopolist” engaged in abuse of power by holding a key segment of the mobile market hostage in order to extort royalties for “iPhone innovations that have nothing to do with Qualcomm’s technology.” In other words, Apple is saying... Read More >

News From Burson-Marsteller, DKC, KCSA, Deliveroo, and Beattie (U.K.),

2017-01-20 by Aaron Sarno

Mike Fernandez Promoted to U.S. CEO for Burson-Marsteller Mike Fernandez only joined Burson-Marsteller, a WPP agency, as the global corporate and financial practice chair four months previous to receiving this promotion. The jump to U.S. CEO happened immediately, and he takes over from Michael Law, who’s also moving up the ladder to become worldwide EVP. Both men will report to recently appointed worldwide president Kevin Bell. Fernandez’s previous position was created at the time he was hired in September, but the company doesn’t plan to replace that position at this time. Fernandez said: “I can remember in the 1980s, Harold... Read More >

Mac dealing with disappointing MacBook Pro reviews

2017-01-12 by Jason Tannahill
Mac dealing with disappointing MacBook Pro reviews

Apple isn’t accustomed to getting negative feedback about one of its products. Typically, the company drops a new product, and an appreciative public gobbles it up in massive numbers. But the recent release of the latest iteration of the MacBook Pro is not receiving such rave reviews. Right out of the gate, tech industry reviewers Consumer Reports offered a “thumbs down” on recommending the MacBook Pro. Major issues the company pointed to included inconsistent battery life. According to Consumer Reports, the MacBook Pro’s battery life proved to be “highly inconsistent from one trial to the next.” What did they mean by... Read More >

Viacom makes another change at the top

2017-01-06 by Richard D. Pace
Viacom makes another change at the top

It wasn’t that long ago that cable brands like MTV and Comedy Central ruled the airwaves with a certain demographic. The channels were by-words in teen and young adult culture, both reflecting and defining trends and defining cool and funny. Things have changed. YouTube and streaming media have captured the attention of the key target demographics for these stations, and that has the top brass searching for answers. Some are looking for them in other jobs. Veteran leader Doug Herzog, who heads MTV and Comedy Central, has announced plans to exit the company soon. This is a big change for... Read More >

Net-connected devices have this to deal with

2017-01-03 by Aaron Sarno
Net-connected devices have this to deal with

The internet is a wonderful invention. A way to connect pretty much everyone with most of the information that exists. Want to know the latest on Brexit or climate change or international oil markets? Find it online. Want to know why this war or that famine started and what life was like then? Find it online. Want to know why that guy in the taco commercial looks so darn familiar? Yep, find it online. Internet in your pocket might be the most important invention man has given itself. But that great gift came with a huge caveat. Yes, you are... Read More >

Facebook censorship could open the China door

2016-12-09 by Jason Tannahill
Rumored Facebook censorship tool could open the door to China

American tech companies have “enjoyed” a tenuous and complicated relationship with China for some time now. As one of the biggest and fastest growing emerging markets, China is a major target for American companies looking to expand internationally. In recent months, Apple has faced a contentious back and forth with the Chinese government as it attempts to expand and compete against domestic tech companies in China’s – very – rich marketplace. Now, Facebook is on deck for a similar fight. After being kicked out of the world’s second-largest economy, Facebook went back to the drawing board to come up with... Read More >

JetSmarter Celebrates Art Basel With Events, Celebrities And Digital Media Influencers

2016-12-05 by Richard D. Pace

Leading private jet booking app JetSmarter has just completed another successful year celebrating Art Basel Miami, with a complete weekend of star-studded events hosted by the company’s CEO and Founder Sergey Petrossov, along with high profile partners, including Jason Binn of DuJour Media, Haute Living and others. In addition to its events in Miami, celebrities including Tony Robbins, Martha Stewart and Audrina Patridge embraced the brand this weekend on social media. @tonyrobbins tells Founder & CEO @spetrossov that even though he owns his own he still chooses to #JetSmarter. Thanks for the support, Tony! A video posted by JetSmarter (@jetsmarter)... Read More >

McDonald’s hoping tech brings back customers

2016-12-05 by Aaron Sarno
McDonald’s hoping tech brings back customers

The fast food business is changing. Expectations are shifting, and consumers are demanding more quality in less time. Those who think that’s impossible are not likely to survive in the modern fast food marketplace. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook is committed to the idea that his brand will not only survive these changes but emerge as the industry innovator and pacesetter. Continued automation has always been Job One of the fast food industry. What they made was not nearly as important as how it was made, how often, and how fast. That’s been the key to McDonald’s success, much more so... Read More >

Using Social Media Better

2016-11-15 by Aaron Sarno
Using Social Media Better

2016 has already proven innovative for PR efforts by some agencies. The #perfectlyimperfect campaign sponsored by FCB Health, RX Mosaic Health, and Teva Women’s Health was used to help women in the 18-34 age range stress less about “being perfect.” The campaign also offered information on emergency contraception –- because even with contraception women can be perfectly imperfect. The campaign included a media tour using spokeswomen from MTV’s Girl, Dr. Diana Ramos (a women’s health expert and OB/GYN), and fairs on four college campuses with panel discussions and photo/video booths. The campaign proved highly successful with 100% positive engagement, 1,500... Read More >

Verizon Pushes Upgrade Fee

2016-10-27 by Richard D. Pace
Verizon pushes upgrade fee

The landscape of the mobile industry is changing. As the biggest players in the market close the gap on the longtime industry leader, each brand is looking for a way to bring customers over from Those Guys to Us. One of the most common levers is, of course, money. Lower rates, fewer fees, bonuses, free equipment, even offers to pay early termination fees. Anything to convince customers they will get a better deal with Us instead of Them. Once again, though, Verizon has announced plans to buck that trend. This is not really anything new. The big dog in that... Read More >

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