Vocus Announces New Educational Webinar Series with Mark Shaw

2014-02-05 by EPR Staff
Mark Shaw

Vocus, a leading provider of cloud based marketing and PR solutions, announced today the latest in a series of informative webinars. This latest educational seminar, “Twitter: It's Not Just About Cheese Sandwiches,” will feature social media guru Mark Shaw on Feb. 18, 2014 at 3 p.m. GMT. For businesses that need the inside track on social media, or for those wanting to hone already existent engagement, this latest Vocus segment will help organizations connect with their target audience, customers, partners and other prospects. Finding news customers, ensuring positive experiences for current ones, and monitoring the sentiment of any business, these are some... Read More >

Rihanna Marketing Strategy: Reaching Crowds through Social Media

2013-12-02 by EPR Staff
Rihanna everything-pr

[caption id="attachment_47514" align="alignleft" width="250"] @rihanna[/caption] With today’s world of mass communication at the tip of our fingers, companies can market and brand their products in countless ways. In the digital realm, online and social media channels are one of the top ways for brands to engage with their target audiences. Rihanna is a marketing maven within the social media realm. When not in the actual spotlight, Rihanna enters the media spotlight, and advertises herself and her brand, through constant updates about herself, her music, her movies, and her branded products. Social Media and a Toolbar: In Constant Contact with Her... Read More >

Twitter Abuse – A Perpetually Evolving Scandal

2013-09-17 by EPR Staff
Twitter abuse

Everyday, 53 million tweets fly across the Twitter universe. These tweets cover a very wide range of subjects, from television shows to the minute details of a user’s private life. In today’s modern world, nothing is considered out of bounds when it comes to updating your social media profiles. The rise of social media has been nothing short of phenomenal. It has reshaped everything from the way we get our news to the ways we interact with brands and our favourite products. However, there is also a glaring sinister side to social media. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Read More >

Twitter Rolls Out Important Changes for Businesses and Users Alike

2013-09-02 by EPR Staff

The last month of summer brought some important releases from various social media networks, and Twitter is no exception to this rule. In fact, this social network had a pretty busy month and made some important changes aimed at users and others aimed at companies, all with the purpose of luring more users to this network and to determine companies to invest in advertising. Twitter tries to make its conversations easier to follow with the new updates to its iPhone and Android apps, as well as to the site. Moreover, the microblogging network aims to make its conversations easier... Read More >

5 Steps to Showing Clients Value for Promoting Business Via Facebook

2013-06-20 by EPR Staff
Facebook likes for business

Despite the indisputable fact that promotion in social networks is now in trend, many business owners are still skeptical about this promotional way and reluctant to invest money in it. This article will give some useful tips on how to convince your client that promotion in Facebook (or in any other social network) is a profitable investment that will pay off in future. 1. Set the goals. Before you start convincing someone that they have to use Facebook, you need to find out what aims the business representatives have. After all, promotion in social networks is not suitable for every... Read More >

Women on Pinterest Get More repins, but Fewer Followers

2013-04-27 by EPR Staff
pinterest logo

A new study was carried out recently by the Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Minnesota and compared two social networks: Twitter to Pinterest. The findings provide  insight into both social networks and are really interesting. First of all, ladies, you will be happy to hear that women get, on average, more repins than men. But don’t be too happy, as men have more followers, and that’s an aspect that should be analyzed in the future in order to determine the reasons behind this surprising finding. Moreover, American and British users get more repins. The researchers mention though that... Read More >

Weber Shandwick vs. FTI Consulting: Twitter Showdown

2013-03-17 by EPR Staff
Weber Shandwick vs FTI

Whether you noticed or not, FTI Consulting bounced into the top US PR firms contention via O'Dwyer's list of top agencies. The space formerly held by either Melissa Waggener Zorkin's Waggener Edstrom, or APCO Worldwide, is not firmly in the hands of Ed Reilly's global firm. For today's matchup of Twitter prowess we pit the almost legendary Weber Shandwick against FTI to see just who has a handle on social media dominance. I'll give you a hint on this one. The puny, skinny contender with 415 followers is going bite canvass early in the first round. Even though FTI has snatched... Read More >

Horsemeat Scandal Gets Virgin Media Neighing

2013-02-10 by EPR Staff
virgin horse

Amidst the UK horsemeat burger scare, some savvy marketers at Virgin Media decided to capitalize on the momentum, with a spoof apology poking fun at Tesco and the like. For those of you who missed the news in January, a safety watchdog has blown the whistle on Aldi, Iceland, Lidl and Tesco in the UK for allegedly selling frozen beefburgers with traces of horsemeat. The scandal is far from being over: on February 7 Findus joined the accused, for beef products that allegedly contained up to 100% horsemeat. The whole charade is continued by Virgin Media, whose latest stunt involves... Read More >

Why Do So Many Sites Force Use To Login Using Facebook?

2013-02-08 by EPR Staff

This question is being asked a lot lately, as more sites and apps begin requiring the sharing of Facebook or Twitter information for login. While it used to be that you could choose to use this service and so socialize your experience, and otherwise do a regular registration, that is becoming less common by the day. Far more sites are going for Facebook or Twitter login choices only, which is managing to alienate a lot of users. In particular the users who fear for their privacy. So, why are so many sites doing this now? The obvious answer is business... Read More >

Dunkin’ Donuts Launches Fashion Contest on Twitter and Instagram

2012-12-20 by EPR Staff
Dunkin' Donuts Hot Logo.

America's classic all-day food stop for coffee and baked treats Dunkin' Donuts, has launched its "HoliDDay" Fashions Twitter & Instagram contest. To participate, contestants send photos of themselves in their favorite holiday attire for the chance to win a $100 Dunkin' Donuts gift card. Through Friday, December 21, fans can submit photos to @DunkinDonuts on Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #HoliDDayContest. Five winners will receive the prize. Additional terms and conditions related to Dunkin' Donuts' HoliDDay Fashions Twitter & Instagram contest are available online. Dunkin' Donuts also commissioned a survey of over 1,000 Americans to examine how people stay... Read More >

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