Branding yourself as a social media speaker is a great way to succeed

One of the best ways to succeed in business is to become a social media speaker, because apart from branding your company, you’re branding yourself. Every competent CEO, manager, HR, and so on, has a Facebook page or a Twitter account, and believe it or not, these profiles have the great power of helping them succeed. The more posts you publish the higher chances you have to draw in a wider audience and engage people with innovative ideas and recommendations. Because of the Internet, you don’t have to be a zillionaire to brand yourself as a renowned motivational speaker. There are numerous ways to get started without having to use expensive tools and means to get attention.

Personal branding

Effective use of social media platforms can help you become a motivational speaker

Although you are not advised to use social media platforms all day long to look for potential investors, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the liberty to brand yourself and become a motivational speaker. These people are natural-born leaders; they’re secure of their strengths, they know their business, and it’s an absolute pleasure to listen to them. Wayne Dyer is a speaker in the field of self-development.

Also known as “the father of motivation”, he wrote over 30 books and held hundreds of seminars where he talked about himself and about his visions. In spite of his struggles as a child, Wayne managed to achieve his goals and therefore he converted his life story into a business, and his business into a teaching material for others who wanted to succeed in life from both a professional and a personal point of view.


Writing about yourself and your principles

Use the internet to get your name out in the open. Create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and start talking about yourself. Include interests, hobbies, mention your life principles, and share stuff you like (video, tutorials, pictures, and more). Every business, no matter how small, should be backed up by a founder. That founder – you in this case – must be active on social media to awake interest.

Investors (and people in general) are more willing to develop an interest in your company or business if they know who’s behind a cool logo. Your website should have a blog section filled with motivational tutorials, videos, and articles written by you. There’s no need to spend a fortune on fancy web page; as long as your content is interesting and you’re being active on social platforms, people will want to hear what you have to say.

Motivational speakers should have business cards

Assuming that you’ve created a website, included social media profiles, and added a blog section to that site, now it’s time to move things further and order yourself a set of well-crafted business cards. Make them look polished, professional, and try not to include too much information. Nobody likes a business card with too much content and no essential detail. Do you want people to remember you? Then your business card must have that special something. Some tips you should consider:

  • Design matters – clear font, small letter, professional writing (Comic Sans is not a good idea)
  • Simplicity is key – don’t place an overly large logo in the middle
  • The back of your business card should be blank – don’t start writing your services because nobody will read

Motivational speaking can be a profitable business

There are lots of people out there who make good money from motivational speaking. Those who are truly motivated are contagious; listeners feel inspired and if it weren’t for a speaker to tell them their ideas can be turned into a million dollar business, they wouldn’t have had the eagerness to rethink their priorities and focus more on the goals they want to achieve in life.

Branding yourself as a motivational speaker is an excellent way to introduce your company to the world. The more active you choose to be on social platforms, the higher chances you have for the world to notice you. Success can only happen if you’re committed, so even if you don’t have a big budget available to make huge investments, this doesn’t mean you can’t use your thoughts to get things started. Baby steps and you’ll get there!

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