Twitter Rolls Out Important Changes for Businesses and Users Alike

twitter-logoThe last month of summer brought some important releases from various social media networks, and Twitter is no exception to this rule. In fact, this social network had a pretty busy month and made some important changes aimed at users and others aimed at companies, all with the purpose of luring more users to this network and to determine companies to invest in advertising.

Twitter tries to make its conversations easier to follow with the new updates to its iPhone and Android apps, as well as to the site. Moreover, the microblogging network aims to make its conversations easier to share too.

“Tweets that are part of a conversation are shown in chronological order so it’s easier for you to follow along. You’ll see up to three Tweets in sequence in your home timeline; if you want to see more, you can tap a Tweet to see all the replies, including those from people you don’t follow. We will start rolling this out to everyone today,” explains Jinen Kamdar in the official announcement posted on Twitter’s Blog.

Twitter made some changes in what protected tweets are concerned too. The social media network makes protected tweets searchable for private users and their approved followers. These protected tweets still don’t appear in search engines, but they are accessible to users that have already been approved to view a member’s private tweets, as the new rules specify .

And, last but definitely not least, Twitter made its Lead Generation Card available to all advertisers, with new features. The Lead Generation Card is in fact a tool that helps advertisers to find and connect off-Twitter with users interested in their message and was launched in May and, according to the official information, it was implemented with success by outdoor gear and apparel company Rock/Creek, company that manage to get a 4.6% engagement rate and generated over 1,700 new email contacts in less than one week in a campaign that used this tool.

It is clear that Twitter tries to get new members in the network but to also determine the existing ones to use the official interface for managing their accounts, following conversations and interacting with other members in order for companies that will choose the social network for their advertising campaign to get maximum exposure, good results and to buy advertising again on Twitter. It’s all connected, and it only remains to see how these new changes will impact the brands’ advertising budget.

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