Haven Holidays Had Facebook Fans Pick Its Ice Cream Flavour

Involving your community as much as possible and creating a strong connection with your fans is a desirable objective for any brand. Haven Holidays invited its Facebook fans to suggest what flavour it would have if it were an ice cream and then created that special flavour to be sold at their South Beach Café in Devon Cliffs.

It was a good PR move for the company, as it turns out it was rather hard to pick a final flavour. Fans let their imagination run wild and proposed several flavours, from rhubarb and custard to cola with fizzy sherbet. Alison Smith, a fan, suggested the company created an ice cream that would bring “a little bit of Haven”. “It would be a little bit of vanilla, strawberry, raspberry ripple and chocolate all together in a scoop. This ice cream would be something for everyone and that’s just what haven is” she wrote.

The winner was Lisa Connelly, who came up with the idea of “Strawberry Trifle” which she considered to be “traditional, British, fun and loved” just like Haven. This ice cream was created by Otter Valley Dairy Farm and it is now selling at Haven’s park in Devon Cliffs.

Considering the fact that we are talking about a holiday company which owns and operates a choice of 35 award-winning family holiday Parks throughout England, Scotland and Wales, and states it is Britain’s largest provider of domestic holidays with family holiday Parks around the UK, this idea was a smart one and brought clients closer to the company. Associating an ice cream flavor with the company was indeed an inspired choice from the public relations’ activities for the company point of view.

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