Social Media Gets More Visitors for Longer Periods of Time

2012-12-04 by EPR Staff
nielsen logo

Social media and social networking are a rather constant part of our lives. Businesses and marketers cannot ignore social media as a way to get in touch with customers. Social media networks are useful not only for disseminating messages, but also for engaging clients and providing customer care. The Nielsen’s Social Media Report shows that social media comes of age. The report’s findings are useful to marketers as they point out the growing number of people browsing the Internet, their habits and the importance of mobile nowadays, as well as sales generated by social networks. First and foremost, social media networks are... Read More >

NetBase’s Digital Channel Intelligence Offers Relevant Social Media Metrics

2012-10-31 by EPR Staff

Marketers should go beyond likes and shares or retweets/repins as main criteria in measuring social media ROI. In order to provide content that is indeed relevant to fans and followers, marketers need to have access to relevant metrics that offer comprehensive real-time insights on conversations about their brands and products across different social media networks. The newly launched Digital Channel Intelligence (DCI) solution from NetBase provides such valuable information in real time from several social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others. The social media metrics offered include insights on community growth, amplification and conversion rates, but marketers... Read More >

Beevolve Study Sheds Light on Twitter Usage across the World

2012-10-12 by EPR Staff
beevolve everything-pr

There are millions and millions of accounts on Twitter. Is anyone wondering what would an average user of this microblogging social network “look” like? What are their preferences? How many followers does they have and how many people do they follow? Well, a new comprehensive study from Beevolve of Twitter users worldwide has just been released and it offers quite interesting insights. The social media monitoring and measurement platform for marketers studied 36 million Twitter user profiles. The findings help marketers and businesses have a better perspective on Twitter users behavior and characteristics. So, let's see what the study reveals.... Read More >

The Pros and Cons of Automating Tweets

2012-09-28 by EPR Staff
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In today’s world of smartphones and laptops and business on the go, it’s more popular than ever for people to be active on social media. Users are reading and posting Tweets at all times of day—and what all this online activity means for you, and your business, is great opportunity for influence, if you can find a way to tap into that network. The only problem? You’re busy. Who has time to Tweet? Enter Twitter automation. Whether you do it through HootSuite, Twitter Feed, Tweet Adder or something else, automating your Tweets provides a way to be on Twitter even... Read More >

Twitter’s Revamped Promoted Tweets Platform Promises Greater ROI

2012-09-03 by EPR Staff
Twitter Tips

Twitter recently announced its enhanced Promoted Tweets platform, allowing marketers to target tailored tweets to audiences with special interests. This new approach aims to reach people who are more likely to engage with your tweets as with Bonobos whose 24-hour sale exclusively on Twitter reached users similar to their existing followers. The two types of Twitter promoted marketing include interest categories and influencer targeting. For broader reach, marketers can target over 350 interest categories, ranging from Education to Home and Garden to Investing to Soccer. For example, Using Twitter’s online promotion menu, “if you were promoting a new animated film... Read More >

Conferize: Lots of Connecting Implications

2012-08-24 by EPR Staff
Conferize logo

When was the last time a client asked you to list or book a conference? If you are in the public relations realm chances are good that you need to know a lot about conference schedules, and maybe even the "who's who" of who is going to be there. This point of PR pain is where Conferize can really lend a helping hand. Conferize, which launched at DEMO, is something I have wanted to test for quite a while. The startup, aimed at solving for all things conference related, was founded by Danish entrepreneur Martin Ferro-Thomsen. The service makes it easy to track attendees... Read More >

Olympic Twitter Scandal: Michel Morganella Calls South Koreans a Bunch of Retards

2012-07-31 by EPR Staff
Michel Morganella

Swiss Olympic team chief Gian Gilli had to send one of his footballers home yesterday, when news arose that he "insulted and violated the dignity of the South Korea football team as well as the South Korean people" with a racist tweet. Mind you, the tweet in discussion and the Twitter account of the athlete have been, in the meanwhile, deleted, but not quick enough to save Michel Morganella's Olympic career. Morganella is not the first athlete to miss out the chance of a lifetime because of racist remarks. Earlier this month, Greek triple jumper βούλα Παπαχρήστου (Voula Papachristou) insulted the whole... Read More >

#VisaGoWorld Social Media Campaign A Worldwide Success

2012-07-29 by EPR Staff

Before the official opening of the London Olympic Games, Visa announced that its outstanding Go World campaign has already generated over 28 million cheers, from all over the world, with the most active countries being the United States, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Australia. [caption id="attachment_36891" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Go World is a social campaign, that brings fans closer to Team Visa athletes.[/caption] Go World is Visa's boldest social media campaigns, and was met with unprecedented enthusiasm. The purpose of the campaign was to inspire people to support "Team Visa" athletes. Since the campaign launched in May, fans have cheered... Read More >

The Research of Twitter Audience: Preference and Behavioral Aspects

2012-07-25 by EPR Staff
ROMAN VILIAVIN - everything-pr

In an ever dynamic world of digital influence, it becomes increasingly important for marketers to know their targeted audience in order to build the right advertising and/or marketing campaigns and promotion strategies, across the same social networks. Armed with the right knowledge of these audiences, business advocates stand a far greater opportunity for conversions than competitors who are in the dark. Twitter is increasingly viewed in terms of being an instrument of interaction with users, current users and potential customers too. With this in mind, let us try to better understand what audience is there, and the "who" of whom we are... Read More >

Tweet Your Way to Ben & Jerry’s Bliss

2012-07-24 by EPR Staff
Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s has decided to really engage customers via social media -and with their ice cream truck. The world's richest ice cream, from a legendary brand, may just end up on your office or event doorstep this Summer. As a social media event, the cheeky ice cream duo have come up with a promo to end all promos for their new Greek Frozen Yogurt. Seattle is now due for a sweet treat. Putting lot of cream into a cold desert is not the newest of brand expeditions to gain customers, but Ben & Jerry’s has always made an adventure of... Read More >

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