NetBase’s Digital Channel Intelligence Offers Relevant Social Media Metrics

Marketers should go beyond likes and shares or retweets/repins as main criteria in measuring social media ROI. In order to provide content that is indeed relevant to fans and followers, marketers need to have access to relevant metrics that offer comprehensive real-time insights on conversations about their brands and products across different social media networks. The newly launched Digital Channel Intelligence (DCI) solution from NetBase provides such valuable information in real time from several social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others.

The social media metrics offered include insights on community growth, amplification and conversion rates, but marketers also gain access to details on conversation topics and fan posts and comments.

“The DCI dashboards give me all of the information I need to understand what’s happening on our Facebook fan page,” says Kelli Theiler, associate brand sociologist, Carmichael Lynch. “They are very intuitive, and I love the fact that end-users can customize their views of the data directly from the interface, without having to understand the behind-the-scenes dashboard building process.”

“Brands have learned that timely, comprehensive social data – and the analytical power to discover patterns and identify impact – are key to driving customer engagement, online and off” said industry analyst Seth Grimes, Alta Plana. “NetBase has invested in advanced technologies and in business-userfocused interfaces and is ideally positioned to deliver the insights that brands need.”

Having access to such metrics offers brands the possibility to capitalize on more opportunities arising on social media networks – that will, in the end, lead to potential new sales – and generate brand passion and loyalty. Last but not least, marketers have access to instant information on posts that perform great on social networks and on those that don’t work, and also can see which of them tend to go viral, enabling them to make the right budget decisions when planning future communication and promotional campaigns.

“The problem with social media reporting is that a happy 7 and an angry 7 are still 7. Smart companies rely on both numbers AND words to better understand what customers really say, think, and feel. NetBase DCI makes this process faster and easier than ever,” said Jay Baer, social media and digital marketing thought leader and President, Convince and Convert.

DCI is currently used for Facebook fan page analysis by early adopter customers, with other social channels soon to be available. Those interested in this new solution can visit and ask for a free Facebook fan page analysis.

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